Billa 2 v/s Saguni - Update

Last Updated: Tue, Jun 12, 2012 03:30 hrs

By Sreedhar Pillai

It looks almost certain that  Ajith’s Billa 2 will clash with Karthi’s Saguni on June 22 weekend. The producers of both the films have locked in on the date and are refusing to budge. In Fact Billa 2 may come a day earlier on June 21.

As of now, Saguni has been censored and with a ‘U’ certificate and has also applied for entertainment tax exemption. The Karthi film along with its Telugu version Sakuni is scheduled to release on June 22 worldwide in about 700 to 800 screens.

Billa 2 censor will take place in a day or two and will surely be ready for a June 21 release. As soon as the film is censored, the producers will be holding a press meet where a Billa 2 calendar and a new theatrical trailer will beunveiled.  Aascar Ravichandran who is marketing the film has booked all major screens, and will go for a saturation release.

Both the films are targeting the June 22 to 24 release window as there is no major opposition. Saguni has to come on that date as big Telugu films like director Rajamouli’s Eega in Telugu and Allu Arjun’s Julai are due for release in the first week of July.

Billa 2 and Saguni at the domestic Indian market outside Tamil Nadu will face stiff competition from The Amazing Spiderman, which is releasing in India on June 29, a week ahead of US release! Remember the Indian market especially Tamil Nadu has been buoyed by the recent success of super heroes adventure film Avengers. The film got a distributors share of Rs 3.5 Crore from Tamil Nadu alone.

Theatres in Tamil Nadu are facing suddenly a season of plenty. They have a wide variety of films to choose from in the coming weeks.

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