Bipasha on a stroll along the sexy lane

Last Updated: Thu, Aug 25, 2005 04:50 hrs

You can't take 'sexy' away from Bipasha Basu; it's like serving cheese cake without cheese. Thankfully, she too seems to have realized that.

So book your ticket for a hormone ride in Boney Kapoor's 'laugh-a-minute' flick, No Entry. The temptress comes this Friday to tease your senses as the sexy club dancer, Bobby.

Entry into No Entry
Well, No Entry is a situational comedy. It's about three married couples, until I storm into their lives. The film doesn't take up issues; it has a humorous treatment to it.

No Entry talks about infidelity albeit in a fun manner. There is nothing 'crusader-like' about the film. If I were to describe the film in one line, it would have to be 'entertainer'.

Bipasha as the super-sexy Bobby
Bobby is a club dancer and a complete mischief-maker, the prime reason for the whole chaos in the film. Money is what makes her world go round. She is a very attractive woman and a total head-turner!

She is very aware of herself in the company of males. But when she is alone, she is just another girl like you and me. But money is something that she can't do without and will go to any lengths to get the booty that she has been eyeing.

Too fat to be a club dancer!
…that is the reason that the Bengali bombshell cites for refusing the film in the first place. “See, when Boney approached me with the role of a sexy club dancer, I turned it down. I had put on some serious flab and didn't want to look like a joke.

"It scared the daylights out of me to wear skimpy outfits, when I had love handles showing. But Boney is too bull headed and coaxed me. That's when I turned to fitness in a big way. And here I am feeling fit and raring to go.

Sexy Bipasha of Jism V/S Sexy Bipasha of No Entry

I agree, I have played the role of a seductress earlier too. But the woman of Jism was ruthless and conniving. She had a wicked element in her that was very serious and sharp.

In No Entry, Bobby is more of a girl. She is even goofy at times. It's just that she wants all the good things life has to offer. And if that means being a trickster, she is all for it. So you will see a new sexy me!

A raunchy move that she has said no to…
It's a complete 'No Entry' for raunchy moves. There is a very thin line separating vulgarity from sensuality and I am cautious not to overstep it. I have turned down producers who have wanted me to do something distasteful. I think Madhuri Dixit is the ultimate symbol of sensuality. Malaika Arora too does a great job.

Girls just wanna have fun!
Yes, we had a blast on the sets. Celina, Lara, Esha and I were a mad bunch of girls cooling our heels and letting our hair done. We did all kinds of crazy stuff like shooting videos, keeping nicknames for ourselves. Also, a lot of girl talk happened between us. And we got to know that we shared a lot of similarities between the four of us. It was simply fabulous!

Celina was the joker amongst us. She would do various imitations and keep us in splits all the time. Also, not everybody knows this but she has this `butterfly scare` about her.

The girl is completely phobic about butterflies. So whenever we used to lounge of the sets, she would sit right in the centre, so that the others could form a ring of protection. She might have a doll-face but the girl is crazeball!

Ladkon ka kya hua?
Well, Anil used to come and mingle with us for a little while. Salman used to spend most of the time at workouts. As for Fardeen, the guy used to spend a lot of time chilling on the sets. The guys were on a trip of their own.

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