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Black Butterfly

Black Butterfly
M Renjith
Mithun Murali, Malavika, Niranjan, Samskruthi
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Producer turned debutant director M Renjith is clearly attempting to tread on a safe path as he remakes the sensational Tamil hit Vazhakku Enn 18/9, as Black Butterfly. While the Tamil version stunned you with its narration and performances, the Malayalam version lacks the fizz.

Benny (Mithun Murali), who works in a petrol bunk, is called to the police station in connection with an attack on Reena (Malavika), a maid in a nearby apartment. The boy was in love with the girl but never had the courage to reveal his feelings.

Then there is a student named Aarathi (Samskruthi) living in an apartment and Deepak (Niranjan), who is trying to woo her. The story is about how the lives of all these youngsters get intertwined at a particular juncture.

Balaji Saktivel, who has written the original story, had infused a variety of emotions into it and with some surprising twists, the film turns out to be an engaging thriller. It's all there in the Malayalam version as well, but in a less exciting style.

The performances of the youngsters are perhaps the greatest let down here. In fact, the young actors seem to be so casual about their acting. Ganapathy, who comes as Benny's friend for a while, is impressive. What the director has succeeded here is to make this one into a peculiar Malayalam masala, with all the usual ingredients, added in a tasteless way.

If you have seen the original, better stay away from Black Butterfly (someone please explain what the relevance of the title is?). For all those who haven't, watch this one at your risk and even then, don't miss the original.

Verdict: Average


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