Bollywood reacts to gang-rape victim's death

Last Updated: Sat, Dec 29, 2012 07:28 hrs

The young woman whose brutal gang-rape in New Delhi triggered nationwide protests, died in a Singapore hospital early on December 29.

While thousands came out on the streets to voice their anguish, Bollywood stars took to Twitter to express their anger.

Here's what they had to say:

Akshay Kumar: Our fighter lost the battle of life. Her only fault, she ventured out of the house at night, walking the streets of the national capital expecting to be safe. 

The day a woman can walk freely on the roads at night is when India will be truly independent. RIP democracy!

Sonakshi Sinha: The girl isn't dead. Instead, she's moved to a better place where no rapes happen. Too bad that place doesn't exist in apna Bharat mahaan.

Vivek Oberoi: How many girls have to die before we see change? Damini deserves justice, the girl in Punjab who took her life deserves justice. 

The girls who are victim to the horrendous crime of rape everyday deserve justice. Safety & respect for a woman is not her privilege, it's her right.

Sridevi Boney Kapoor: As a mother of two girls, I am deeply disturbed and anguished by the death of "Nirbhaya". She is a martyr and hope for millions of Indians.

Ameesha Patel: It's just disgusting that innocent rape victims die around the country n the judicial system does nothing at all.

Shriya Saran: We need to wake up. Media and public baby let these incidents forgotten. We need radical change.

Abhishek Bachchan: This is not the country I grew up in as a child, this is not the country I want my daughter to know whilst she grows up!

Shekhar Kapur: Like a pressure cooker, anger of people boils within. not allowing people 2 grieve openly for Her on streets, state risks violent explosion

Celina Jaitly: I strongly believe most stringent punishment possible shld be applied even if they do not give death penalty CASTRATION is a better option

Mugdha Godse: Rip nirbhaya damini n many more who been victim of t horrendous situation, we need justice and powerful laws to create a better nation

Poonam Pandey: She died a death that she didn't deserve at all. No woman deserves this death, this type of inhumane treatment.

Ajay Devgn: Why does someone need to b sacrificed to start a revolution? I hope her sacrifice is not in vain! The bastards shd b hanged! Jai hind!

Trisha Krishnan: Y blame a beautiful country lik India !?! Its sum of d shameful n disgraceful Indians who make it so !!! Hell will hav a special place fr u.

Madhur Bhandarkar: While the country grieves, the govt imposes sec 144 & shuts metro stations. Incorrigible!!!

Anubhav Sinha: All MEN, Let us hang our heads in SHAME and apologize to those who feel threatened in the world they give birth to.

Bipasha Basu: Disheartened and disturbed!Rip the braveheart girl!

Sophie Choudry: So if I wear a short dress I become a sex object?The sickness is in ur mind! Aren't women in salwars & kids raped?

Ranvir Shorey: India needs a good cry right now. India needs immediate action. Unfortunately we don't have a leadership that understands this. 

Boman Irani: She was like a soldier of revolution. If forgotten, the shame on us is greater than the one's we accuse!

They say the prophecy was incorrect. The world did not end!... I'm beginning to wonder!!!

Pritish Nandy: India finally wakes up to its destiny. A single tragedy gives us the courage to reclaim our nation...

Spineless leaders of India: Remember, this not over. The fight will carry on... This flame will not die.

Kabir Bedi: "Nirbhaya" will live forever in India's heart. Her ordeal moved us deeply. She raised the consciousness of a nation. R.I.P.

Shruti Seth: I keep trying to be proud of my country but it just won't let me.

Farah Khan: Every revolution has 2 happen inside 1st! Pls let's start by teaching r sons 2 respect women.

Vishal Dadlani: The politicos are afraid right now. Remember when you asked "What difference can one person make"? This is the beginning of that difference.

Mandira Bedi: These animals who commit these acts are thumbing their noses at us. "Protest all u want. Nothing can touch us." There is simply no fear.

Karan Johar: RIP to a brave girl who fought in a weak and paralysed country.

Madhur Bhandarkar: RIP Damini, today is a dark day in our democracy. We should pledge not to let dust settle on this fight till the end.

Farah Ali Khan: RIP Damini. May our Govt get up from the apathy in our system & now implement harsher punishments in rape cases. Let this never b forgotten.

Kalki Koechlin: Sad

Anupam Kher: This is NOT the time to shut down Metros, India Gate or India. This is the time to Apologise, say SORRY for letting People down.

Sonam Kapoor: If thr is a time 4 a "band" a day of mourning than its 2day. Not only 4 ths braveheart but also 4 all unsung victims of such heinous crimes.

Kunal Kohli: Like the unknown solider at india gate we need to have a tribute for all the unknown rape victims,to remind us of our society's failings.

Riteish Deshmukh: Just heard the braveheart girl is no more. True fighter. Sad it takes a tragedy for us to wake up. Prayers with the family.

Mahesh Bhatt: Shut all temples where you pretend to worship the female form. Cry India! Your hands are drenched with the blood of your own daughters.

Life will grind you into dust anyway, whether or not you speak. So speak! Shed your silence!

Deepak Chopra: A sad and shameful moment for India.

Neha Dhupia: If there is a heaven, we hope Amanat is now there. If there is a hell, we wish for those men to eventually get there!

Arjun Rampal: Amanat has died and has left this country to hang its head down in shame. I sincerely do hope there will be redemption for her soul.

Gul Panag: Let's not forget the many many other unsung women & girls who have also been victims of sexual violence. Outrage shouldn't be selective.

Priya Mani: Very very sad that the delhi gangrape victim lost her life!!!!RIP nirbhaya!!!don't worry!!!the accused will get the harshest of punishments.

Dia Mirza: RIP dear one. I feel like a part of me died today.

Shabana Azmi: Its time 2 reflect 2 analyse 2 soulsearch how each segment has been culpable and led to a mindset that makes man treat woman like property.

Javed Akhtar: She died and not only the govt and the police but the whole society you me and every one is standing in the docks.

Raj Kundra: I can't believe the poor gang rape victim died in hospital! Angry and pissed off at the cowards in India!

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