26 May 2015,21:36 IST
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This is yet another B-grade Bollywood film made with the intention of exploiting Sunny Leone's image. It's crass and unfunny.
You will love this nutty comedy for its characters that are nuttier still.
It masquerades as a forward-thinking film, but under the layers, is worse than the most low-brow film.
This is a low-brow, gimmicky film that capitalizes on one of Hindi film's most iconic villains.
Editor's Choice
Shashi Kapoor was conferred the Dadasaheb Phalke Award, the highest honour in Indian cinema
The hit song has been reprised in the sequel as Bezubaan Phir Se, and we've got to admit that it definitely is a notch better than the original.

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What did you think of Vikram Bhatt's latest thriller that seems to be a 'Hollow Man' wannabe?
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Should the Khans work with Sunny Leone?
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The super cool director shared a lot of interesting tidbits and registered some honest opinions about '...
The event will be anchored by Rajamouli's famous Eega. Nani who acted as Eega in the Rajamouli's film b...
The actor who is currently on a holiday in Japan, says that he is inspired by the attitude of the peopl...
Box Office
Marvel's "Avengers: Age Of Ultron" hit theatres in India on Friday -- a week before its US release -- and has collected a staggering Rs. 108.5 million on it's opening day.
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