07 May 2015,00:56 IST
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This is a low-brow, gimmicky film that capitalizes on one of Hindi film's most iconic villains.
Kaagaz Ke Fools is a film that makes a few quick points with a one-dimensional and simplistic narrative.
The film has a superb ensemble cast, but all you see them doing is squabbling and getting into inane arguments.
The central flaw with the film is Mr. X himself who never piques our interest and is as hollow inside as he is on the outside.
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Director Anand L Rai is back to tell us what happens after 'happily ever after'. Watch Trailer!
If there's one out and out action flick coming out this blockbuster season, it's 'Gabbar is Back'. Watch Trailer!

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What did you think of Vikram Bhatt's latest thriller that seems to be a 'Hollow Man' wannabe?
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Should the Khans work with Sunny Leone?
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It is virtually a solo release on May 8, as three other little known films are pitted against it..
Rakshasudu is Chiranjeevi's 1986 movie and also the title means 'demon' in English which is apt for the...
It's the return of Dileep to a sensible film after a long time and he shows his brilliance as an actor>...
Box Office
Marvel's "Avengers: Age Of Ultron" hit theatres in India on Friday -- a week before its US release -- and has collected a staggering Rs. 108.5 million on it's opening day.
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