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Look past a few blunders and you have an interesting film with an inspiring hero, a menacing villain that you personally want to thrash, and a story that touches your heart.
You'll get a film full of violence and a simplistic plot, that's still watchable (even entertaining at times) for the actors, the few moments of genuine conflict and romance, and the earnest representation of the hero's angst.
Disappointingly regressive and only sparsely funny, the only entertainment comes from the portions involving the dog. One wishes the film lived up to its name!
The idea of a central character, a genius of sorts, always looking for a “kick” is immediately arresting. But what you get is an archetypal Salman film.
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Which actress do you think will make a stern, potty-mouthed cop onscreen?
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'Irumbu Kuthirai' is set in Pondicherry and it is based on a true incident., says the director.
A local court in Hyderabad ordered the cops to initiate criminal proceedings against the director follo...
The highlight of the film is an impressive performance from Mammootty, who gives credibility to the cha...
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Rohit Shetty's Singham Returns has struck gold at the box office and is marching inexorably towards the Rs.100 crore-mark.
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