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I am about 80 per cent fit now: SRK
By Lata Khubchandani, India Syndicate

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He's so restless that nothing keeps him grounded for long. His painful back, his operations and doctor's advice to rest - nothing keeps him still. And, now we hear he is to release his autobiography. Twenty years to a decade, pipping to the post all the wannabe journalists who have been at him to write his biography. But then thatís Shah Rukh - the king among the Khans and the title sits well on him. An interview with SRK:

One hasn't seen you recently.
My shoots have been such.I go away for shooting and come back for a day or two to be with my kids. Thatís been the schedule for the last few months.

Tell us about Main Hoon Na. How different is it from your other roles?
Thatís not for me to say. Whether it's different or not different. The approach is fresh. It's a big production and will hopefully launch Farah Khan. Itís a wholesome film of the 70s genre packaged to suit todayís times. It's fun. I liked the way it is packaged, the way it is told. Now we hope audiences like it. Stories should be told from a new point of view and this one does that.

Now you are a producer yourself, how is it working with other producers? Is there any difference?
Even in my own production I don't do any production work, we've already made three films and my office is very good at looking after it all. I go there like a star. In my own production I am treated very well, they allow me to come late. I never get to see strange faces. I work with all the people I know for the most part.

Does it become comfortable working with known people? Working with new people gives you more incentive?
I enjoy working with people I am comfortable with. Most of the people I have worked with - even if they are new - I have known them. There's always been a lot of warmth wherever I have worked.

You and Farah have been friends for a long time. How was it being directed by her?
I have known her for very very long time. For twelve years now she is like part of the family. She is a very clear headed, hard working, creative girl. She has seen a lot of Hindi films - commercial ones. I think the type of film she will make is not the kind of film one would expect a woman to make. She's sensitive but not sensitive like women filmmakers who fortunately or unfortunately make films on highly sensitive issues which only women can understand sometimes. Farah's like a guy making a film. I've known them too long.

What about Swades? How different is that?
It's socially relevant, it's a story that needs to be told, and interestingly made. It is not my prerogative to talk about it now. It is Ashutosh Gowarikar's call to talk about it, but it is definitely saying something that needs to be told.

How much did you enjoy making this one?
(Laughs) I've been in the field far too long now and am used to everything - the entire process of filmmaking. I enjoy it. I've always enjoyed my work. For me, personally, it was both simple and difficult - simple because it was physically easier for me to do a film like this which didn't require me to be too physical. I enjoyed that. There is just 10 days shooting left which will be done in the US. I will be leaving on the 24th of April to finish the final lap of shooting.

And your film with Yash Chopra?
That also has just 30 days shooting left, then it's done.

You did this programme with NDTV visiting the jawans. How are you able to cope with all this? Is health better now?
I am about 80 per cent fit now.