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Working with Salman is an absolute pleasure: Bhumika

Her last release may not have had a long Run at the box-office, but the pretty Chawla returns as `Dhani` in Dil Ne Jise Apna Kahaa. Co-starring with her Tere Naam star Salman Khan, the actress in her simple sweet demeanor talks about her experience of working in this Sunil Manchanda- Mukesh Talreja project. (Also read: Salman: Preity is a talkaholic)

What is the subject of the film?
It's a love story. Same, as it has always been. But the treatment is what makes the difference to the subject. And I am glad it has shaped up pretty well.

Give us a rough character sketch…
My character is that of Dhani. She is a sweet simple girl who falls head-over-heels in love with Salman's character, Rishabh. Rest…you need to see to find out.

How different was it working with Salman a second time round?
It was good. This time, we knew each other much better. Hence, had a better working relationship too. And needless to say, it has always been a pleasure working with him. (Story in pics: Dil Ne Jise Apna Kahaa)

What is it like to work with director Atul who was also a one time actor?
It is a huge help to have an actor-director. Atul used to explain me the way he visualizes a scene. Also, as an actor he can better explain the scene, which helps me emote better.

What is the difference in the work environment down South and Bollywood?
Marginal differences do exist. Bollywood has a more international audience while the South caters to regional tastes. In Bollywood, its work and play, while down south, it's more disciplined. South follows the ‘first work, then play' mantra. But it's fun. I enjoy doing my work at both places.

What do you think of the music?
The film has two music composers – A R Rehman and Himesh Reshammiya. The album has all song genres. There's a soft romantic number, a shaadi ka track and a jazzy number. You'll also get a disco number. Out of these, three tracks have been picturised on me.

Unlike your plain Jane character in Tere Naam, does this film see you in a more glamorous avtaar?
To call it glamorous would be wrong. But polished, yes. Dhani in this film is definitely more stylish than Nirjara of Tere Naam. So, you get to see better-fitted clothes and some designer cuts thrown in.

Preity Zinta is making a special appearance in the film, what is the footage both of you are sharing?
Both of us share equal screen time. The plot falls apart without either of us. So, we are on equal footing.

The movie is supposedly inspired from Hollywood film, Return To Me . Have you seen it?
[ Amused ] No… I haven't seen it. Am not aware.

So you were following your director's vision all along?
That's right. I totally trusted my director's vision of Dhani.

Forthcoming projects…
Right now, I have Benaam co-starring Ajay Devgan. My director is Aneez Bazmee. It is a slightly de-glamorized role. But it appealed to me immensely. The film again isn't a love story in the conventional sense. You can tag it as a wholesome entertainer though. Indiafm