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`I don't mind taking a backseat…` - John
He had a dry run with Paap, Aetbaar and Lakeer. But Madhoshi,and the biker flick Dhoom have put his career back in top gear. IndiaFM chats with John as he talks about the September release, Madhoshi.

You have been shooting non-stop. Hasn't that bought in some exhaustion?
Yes, it has been round the clock shooting for quite some time now. But my body clock is now used to a 24-hour shooting schedule. So, it's now a habit. Ab, mazaa aata hain.(View gallery: John, Bips in Madhoshi)

What do you think about the sex explosion on screen?
I believe this question should be directed to music video directors who have semi-clad women gyrating to the songs. And also to the television audiences who watch this.

A majority of the your movie promos have your co-stars being heavily promoted while you take a backseat. Don't you miss being a part of the hype and hoopla?
Not at all. I like to believe that if I can impact the moviegoers who come to watch a Jism because of Bipasha Basu, a Lakeer due to Sunny Deol or an Abhishek Bachchan in Dhoom with my performance, then my job is done. So, I don't mind being left out of the promotions, if it is with a good reason.

What is your role in the film?
I play Aman in Madhoshi who is an anti-terrorist expert. He meets Anupama (Bipasha) and the film traces the journey from there on. It is a romantic thriller.

What would you call the USP of the film to be?
The story. Indiafm