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"Akshaye Khanna is amongst the finest we have"- Kareena Kapoor
By IndiaFM
Hazel eyes, pink cheek, blonde streaks, Kareena cuts a pretty picture. The actress who has had six releases so far in 2004 is bursting with energy as she starts two more films this December.

In an exclusive conversation with IndiaFM, the talented actress chats about Aitraaz, the sudden tide of mature roles and why she thinks Akshaye Khanna is the best actor around. Stick around as we give you Kareena, unrehearsed.

How was it working with Abbas-Mustan?
Not many know, but Ajnabee was amongst my first signups. I just happened to debut with Refugee. Abbasbhai-Mustanbhai & me get along fabulously well. We will start another film next March. We work well as a team.

Kareena, can you share with us your character in the movie
In Aitraaz, I play Sonia, a very positive character. Sonia's strength is her trump card. I am going to surprise quite a few people with this character.

How different is your look for the character?
Well, I have grown out my hair. So Sonia will be sporting long locks. Also, you'll see me in an Indian wear, especially saris. I particularly like them; I think they look very sweet.

How is it that you have suddenly jumped onto the mature role wagon?
[Snaps] Now this is double-talk. First people hound me that I am doing too many bubbly brat roles, and now when I sample mature roles, the talk still doesn't die down. Listen, I want to do all kinds of roles. I refuse to get typecast!

The music is touted to be huge. Pick a track that you like best.
[Excitedly] Oh yes! Himesh Reshammiya has scored the music. I think the music is very good. I specially like the track picturized on Akshay and me, Tassavur ka alam.

How was it to work with Akshay?
I have known Akshay since his debut days of Deedaar. Our relationship dates back since then. Working with Akki is always fun. We enjoy a great comfort-zone.

The Aitraaz byline says 'In a world of women, you either play by their rules or…' what do you think of it?
[Smiles] All the men should beware!

Diwali has four big releases. Where does Aitraaz stand?
I think every film has its audiences. Besides, Aitraaz is a mass film and has all the ingredients to be a success at the box office.

Can we find any streaks of nervousness in you, any pre release jitters?
Oh no! None of that. When you have 14-15 releases behind you, factors like pre-release jitters stop bothering you. I am pretty cool with it. Instead what excites me most is that my great-grandfather's film, Mughal-e-Azam and Aitraaz have a simultaneous release.

Does box-office success decide Kareena's fate as an actress?
Not in the least! You tell me… It's quite strange nah that every time I give a flop, my price goes up! Every actor on earth constantly strives to deliver hits, but with me it's a different story all together. I am thankful that filmmakers have immense faith in me as an actor. That is what eggs me on!

Hulchul is yet another release of yours this year…
Ah, Hulchul is a full-on time pass. It is Priyadarshan's film and I had a blast shooting.

What are you doing in the film?
I play a bubbly, vivacious girl in the film.

How did it feel to co-star with Akshaye Khanna?
[Smiles] Akshaye is amazing. He is simply mind-blowing. I think he is the finest actor we have!

Pipeline projects…
I am doing yet another film with Priyadarshan co-starring Salman Khan. Besides, I will work with Salman in his home production, My Punjabi Nikaah directed by Sohail Khan. So there, I will be starting two films this year. And I am really looking forward to working with Salman.

Any Diwali-Idd greetings for your fans on IndiaFM?
Sure. I wish all my fans a Very Happy Diwali & Idd Mubarak! Hope you have a blast!