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I felt like the hero on the sets of Black: Rani
By IndiaFM
In the second half of the interview with Rani, the powerhouse performer plugs on who can possibly play Michelle, why she thinks Black deserves to be on the Oscar red carpet and dwells on what Bhansali's Black has done to her… (Also Read: Sanjay Leela Bhansali: The maestro of pain)

Trimming from the film to your co-star, Amitabh. How were your work vibes with Mr. Bachchan?
Amit uncle is simply marvelous to start with. I love working with him. And that is the chemistry that translates on screen. There were instances when I would get stuck during a shot and Amit uncle would bail me out of it. He would guide me through the scene and Sanjay would immediately okay it. (See Gallery: Sneak peak at Black)

You have worked with Abhishek too. Draw us a line of difference between AB Sr. and AB baby…
Well they are so similar and yet very different. With Amit uncle, I have to maintain a certain amount of distance and dignity but with Abhi, it is much more of a yaar thing, they are both tremendous to work with.

Unlike what most would like to believe, Black is about faith, fight and triumph. What does Black mean to you?
That's so true. It is an uplifting film. There is not a single dark patch in the film. It is a very brave effort on Sanjay's part.

Sanjay toasts you as the biggest star today. How do you react to that?
(Laughs) Really?

For sure, and he says that Rani brings a certain unpolished feel to the role…
I think he says that because, I don't rehearse my role too much. The homework is there for the film but not the role. My approach to every shot is spontaneous. I like to deliver my shots off the whack. There is no pre-meditated thought that goes into the scene. I guess that works.

How much of Sanjay do we see in Michelle?
Its Sanjay's confidence that you see in Michelle, his motivation... it's Sanjay all the way.

Sabyasachi has designed your look. How do you like it?
For once I felt like the hero on the sets! I just had to put on my top and skirt, pop on my lenses and voila, I was ready, in 15 minutes flat! No makeup, no costume trials, none of those!

Sanjay has said that Black has changed him all together. Rani, what has Black done to you?
(She gives an excited squeal) Hey, Black has changed me too! On a serious note, it has made me responsible as an artist. But it also scares me to my wit, because the stakes are very high now.

When I look at Black, its Rani all the way. I can't think of any other actress who could have done the role…
It's very nice of you to say that.

Here's the twist. You have to give me one actress who you think could have done the role as well…
Another actress…? I toh didn't think I myself would be able to do it in the first place! (She gives a full-throated laugh) Another actress is out of question.

Name please…
Hmm...I think Sanjay would have been able to play Michelle very well. He created her and knows her best.

A character like Michelle can be created only when the actor and director share a tremendous synergy. How was it to work with the pasha of passion?
I totally agree. Between Sanjay and me, it was never that an actor meeting a director. We were like regular people who were working towards one common creative effort. That made shooting a breeze. I had to just look at him and I knew what needs to be done. Working with Sanjay has been tremendous.

Finally, Black is being flagged as India's ticket to the Oscars. What is your take on it?
I think Black is qualified in every which sense to make it to the Oscars. Firstly, due to its subject that has a universal appeal. Two, it tells the world of an immense filmmaker like Sanjay Bhansali. And last of all, it would take Indian cinema light years ahead. If it were me, I would definitely give Black the 'go' for Oscars.