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“I don't follow any rules” - Dia Mirza
By IndiaFM
After some unsuccessful attempts, it seems like a right time for Dia Mirza to give her career the much-needed face-lift. Coming few months, Dia will be seen in a lot of movies enacting a vast canvas of roles. From Parineeta to Fight Club to Dus, Dia is in a mood to experiment. Diya throws light on her upcoming movie Koi Mere Dil Mein Hai and more...

What kind of a film is Koi Mere Dil Mein Hai?
Koi Mera Dil Mein Hain is a romantic comedy. It's a family entertainer and you can surely watch it with your family and go back happy, it doesn't burden you. You don't have to apply your mind for this movie. It's a no tension film. You just have to chill out on your seat and have a good time.

What role do you play in the movie?
I play a rebellious and spoilt girl, born into a rich family. However, my character, Simran is insecure and because of this she is at times over-confident and extremely sensitive. But she finally comes to terms with herself and tries to arrive at an understanding with herself. She takes a conscious decision to change. As a character there is scope for tremendous growth in this role. For this reason playing Simran's role was quite a challenge. It was not a single layered but a multi layered character where she comes full circle until her life turns around. Not every film offers such a role.

How was Deepak Ramsay as a Director?
Deepak did well in directing the movie. He was fortunate to have the screenplay written by Humayun Mirza saab. He is a very talented scriptwriter. So this was one of the advantages that Deepak had and it made the direction easier. Deepak's execution is good. You'll have to watch the movie to decide how good it is.

How many songs do you have in the film?
I have a lot of songs in this film. Shararati is one of them, then the title track - Koi Mere Dil Mein Hain and of course the introductory song -Dosti Se Aashiqui. There is also one sad song, which is really beautiful.

How is the music of the film?
The film's music is very well done. The lyrics of the song suit the characters rather well. The lyrics and visualization of the song is very interesting.

What made you take up this role?
Koi Mere Dil Mein Hain was an interesting movie to do. Like I said earlier my role was multi-layered and I hadn't played such a role in any of my earlier films. The emotional journey of my character in this film was progressive and expressive. I moved from a rebellious, flirtatious, spoilt girl to someone who realizes that there is no point in living life the way she is and finally comes to terms with herself and her world. There is a personal realization and understanding after which she acquires what she wants. I am very excited about my role.

This film is a comedy, how comfortable are you with it?
Timing is very important in comedy. I realized this while doing this movie, but we don't create the comedy, the situation does. As actors we sincerely play our parts and express our emotions or depict our characters.

How would you sum up the movie?
It's going to be an interesting movie. Like I said earlier it's a romantic movie and a fun film. People will have a good laugh and I'm looking forward to it.

What are your criteria of signing films?
I sign films on the basis of my intuition not on the basis of someone's advice or thousands of rules. Rules such as one should do only a certain kinds of films. I don't follow any rules. If I feel good about a movie I sign it.