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Small is Big!
By IndiaFM
…Atleast the women think so. While cynics screw their nose in disapproval, the two dainty actresses of Parineeta, Dia Mirza and Raima Sen seem pleased with the short but impressive roles director Pradeep da has etched them. The reasons you ask, “Plenty!” exclaims Dia who true to her name lights up the suite at Taj Lands End as we engage in a conversation.

When a mainline actor like you takes up a cameo, there has to be a specific reason backing it…
Well, there is…the script itself. Unlike today's uni-dimensional characters, Parineeta is multi-layered which makes it a very interesting script to work on. There is a strong sense of Indianness about the film that I liked and most importantly it brings back fine sensibilities on the screen, something that we had lost for a long time.

Tell us about your character…
I play Gayatri Tanta. She's neither a woman, not a girl either; she is a lady, very careful choice of words there. If sophistication and class had a name, it would have to be her. She's the kind of the person who, when she walks into a room, makes men go week in their knees. And the lines that she speaks, man, you got to watch out for that. I love it!

And Gayatri Tanta is mostly seen with the Chote Nawab, Saif. Atleast that's what the promos tell us.
Hmm…that's true, I am kind of with Saif.

Since it is set in a particular period, did you take a nostalgia trip with the film?
Absolutely, there is a certain richness to the ambience of the yesteryears which I simply love. Also the women from those times were so dignified nah, they carried themselves with such élan! They very feminine, I sometimes think that I was born in the wrong age!

Taking of period, how was it with the clothes and the look?
Well, our makeup artist Vidyadar has done a fabulous job. The exaggerated kajal strokes, the high rise buns and the glossy lips. It was great fun to dress for another time. Funnily, if you observe, the 60's have done detour, so for all you know, I could have opened my closet and I have still have outfits to wear to the shoot.

When you now return to your shoots, what is the one thing that you miss on the sets of Parineeta?
I miss the studied, researched approach that people had. The kind of detailing that has gone into the film is mind boggling. Everything was so prepared, so rehearsed that we left no room for error. I don't see that happening too often on the average Bollywood studio.

If you were to bundle me your experience of shooting in a single word, it would be…