11 Dec 2017,23:12 IST
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Careless whispers with Pradeep Sarkar
By IndiaFM
He speaks soft, whispers is more like it.

Half your energies are drained straining to hear what the filmmaker has to say. But when Pradeep does speak, he has your attention. His restraint finds expression in the love between Lolita & Shekhar, Pradeep’s poetry is when he creates stunning visuals of Kolkata and the anger finds voice when Saif uproots a pillar in the film.

Perspective and passionate, emotional and energetic, traditional and tyrannical, all at once. We are enveloped in a Bengali blanket when Pradeep da discusses the life he lived for two years…Parineeta

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Taking an idea from paper to the silver screen, what was it like?

I was contemplating on the idea from quite some time. There was a whole lot of research, thought & brainstorming that went into deciding on the film. It feels like saat janam. And here I would like to tell people that Parineeta is not a period film, not an arty film either. It is quick & speedy; the film lasts for only 2 hours. It travels without a pause.

The journey should have been nothing less than fascinating…
What interested me best was creating the basic screenplay. Juxtaposing characters where they meet, collide and strip apart was very interesting. The film got made there! Then again, transporting the artists to Kolkata where they soaked the characters was fabulous.

Sanjay didn’t remain the macho Sanjay Dutt, he became Girish, Saif wasn’t the Chote Nawab any longer; he was now the short-fused Shekhar. That I think is brilliant. Also, since Parineeta is a visual film, the kind of images that we managed to paint for it is special to me.