28 May 2018,14:42 IST
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“Kya bikega, kya pitega?, Vidhu just doesn’t care”- Shantanu Moitra
By IndiaFM
It doesn’t happen too often, but once you hear Parineeta, you don’t feel like referring to the music as ‘number’ or ‘track’, you want to call it ‘songs’. Take a bow Shantanu; you have somewhere returned lost respectability to film music. In a conversation with the reticent music director, he tells us that he thrives on nostalgia and as we found out, Parineeta does too…

What was the brief given to you by the makers?
The brief was, ‘This is the opportunity of a lifetime; we don’t want you to give us a great line, what we are looking for is good music. We want you to capture the romanticism, the innocence and the simplicity of the bygone era. If you can give us that, consider your job done’ Ironically, I too am the kind of person who feeds on these very elements, so the moment I got the brief, I was on fire.

On your part, what is that one element that you wanted to see in Parineeta’s music?
You know what, I am a little disturbed with the Gen-X need to scream every emotion. I enjoy the silences far better and that is something I have tried to incorporate in Parineeta. The void, the empty spaces, they interest me immensely. And that’s from where a ‘Raat Hamari Woh’ germinated. I am not a big fan of serving emotions on a platter, it should grow on you. Parineeta does the exact same thing to listeners.

The one thing that strikes you best about Parineeta is nostalgia. What do you say to that?
You know there is a saying that Bengalis thrive on history, likewise, I thrive on nostalgia!