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Don't expect a Main Hoon Na out of this one!: Sush
By IndiaFM
She creates her own rules… then re-writes them.
La Sen is one of her kind.

Her sari in Main Hoon Na was breakfast table talk in most homes. And now her latkas in Laga Laga Laga… is putting most item queens out of job. When Sushmita does something, few can do it like her. The stunner teams up with best bud Salman in the bubblegum comedy this Friday to create some mazaa, masti and magic, Bollywood style!

Sush v/s Naina

“Naina is a funny character. She is a nurse, alive, energetic, all of that. But there is also a very soulful presence about her. This is never the case with comic characters that are present only from moment to moment. And I won't lie; there is a lot of Sushmita in the film. It's only when you put me in a film like Chingari that the character Basanti takes over Sushmita completely” Sush rubs some acting gyan.

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Salman-Sush: Dhamaka duo

“Salman ke saath main kaam nahi karti!” she stuns us and in the same breath explains, “With Salman, it's never work! We have the best rollicking time ever!” the actor confesses. “Visit us on the sets someday and you'll find us laughing away between every shot. Here too, I had a blast working with Sallu. I genuinely think Salman is among the best we have. And I say that because the effort is there, but isn't seen. Salman is just as cool and casual, interested or disinterested as his script. He's my jaan and I love him to death!

Pyare Mohan is a definite hit!

Sohail Khan is in terrific form! It's his finest performance till date. The role itself is hilarious add to that the guy has done a wonderful job, it's to die for! When you watch him on screen, you'll not remember Salman, Katrina or me. All you'll remember is the Sohail and his tricks. The guy is too good for words!

Bakra kaun hain?

Leave me out and everyone else is a bakra in the film. Biwi No1.mein Salman hi beheka rahe the, yahan bhi wohi beheka rahe hain. The film has such a confused comic plot that you will laugh your guts out. The situations are mad, the people even madder. The music is crazy just like Salman and me. Galti woh karte hain, hasti main hoon! Trust me, you'll get your money's worth when you leave the theatre!” smiles Sush. Hope she isn't talking of a refund here!

Laga laga laga re…

That of course is my favorite song. When Sushmita Sen likes a song, you can see that on her face. Choreographer Ganesh Acharya, Salman and me had a blast doing that number. I am not really into the 1-2-3 kind of dances. I always believe that a song should be treated no different than a scene. The more natural and casual you keep it, the better. With Laga Laga…that was just the case. I had a blast and so will audiences when they watch the whole song in theatres.

No more saris please…

Don't come to theatres expecting a Main Hoon Na, you'll feel cheated.” warns Sush. “There is just this one song which has me in a sari. The film has me in long 'aunty-type' maxis. The look too is very casual and authentic to my profession, that of being a nurse. Besides, you liked me in saris, because there was a novelty about it then. So hang in there. Let me surprise you again!