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I'm Amitabh's adopted son: John Abraham
By IndiaFM
John Abraham came, saw and conquered. Hot property on the film circuit and hotter amongst all the female fraternity…John is the man of the moment! Riding high on the success of Dhoom and Kaal, with each step John is preparing to take on the industry. Soon to be released Viruddh, is one of the films from the typhoon he is going to hit the industry with, in the coming months. John speaks about Viruddh, his series of other films with Big B and lots more...

Let's talk about the film...
It's a story about a middle class Maharashtrian family. Mr. Bachchan plays my father. Sharmila Tagore plays my mother. Sanju Sir has put in a special appearance. I have a small role, which is very special and beautiful. The storyline begins when I come back to India after further studies. Viruddh, as the name suggests is about the fight of a father against the systems of society, against what he believes is wrong. After Saaransh, I think Virudhh will be one such film that is emotionally powerful and emotionally gratifying, in terms of performances as well.

Do we see shades of Saaransh in Viruddh?
It is not Saaransh or a remake of it. But if you ask me this movie is very beautiful on the emotional graph and if the film captures the emotions the way Saaransh did, then half the battle is won.

What do you think about the music of the film?
It's music of redemption. The music of this film is positive. I would not like to use the word 'devotional', but positive would be the right word. Many famous artists like Shankar Mahadevan, Abida Parveen, Jagjit Singh have sung for the soundtrack. It is melodious and at the same time it has lyrics, which are about family values. There is no song in the movie; whatever music is there is in the background. I like the song by Shankar Mahadevan, but you have to listen to the music to experience it.

How was the experience of working with stalwarts like AB and Sharmila Tagore?
Sharmilaji and Bachchan sir are the stalwarts in the industry; it has been years they are in the industry. Both are very professional, they always used to come on time and used to rehearse so if I can tear off even one page from their professional career, then I think I go a long way. If a new actor wants a longetivity in this industry then I think Bachchan sir is the school.

You are doing a lot of films with Amitabh Bachchan, besides Viruddh, how does it feel?
It feels great that the first film I that I had signed, Aetbaar was with Mr. Bachchan and today he indirectly supports me a lot, not that he tells me that I am supporting you. But just the fact that he is doing so many movies with me, shows his acceptance of me in this industry and I am really thankful to him. I think I'm in line after Abhishek and Akshay Kumar. I think I am his third adopted son!

Your co-star Anusha debuts in this movie, what do you have to say about her?
This is Anusha's first film and I would like to tell you that she is a complete natural. She has been cast perfectly for this role. She plays the foreign born Indian that she is in real life, she has that natural accent, so she fits the role perfectly.

How does it to feel to work with Mahesh Manjrekar?
Mahesh Manjrekar is a superlative director, he has made movies like Astitva and Vastaav, and I think there are no words to speak about how good he is. He has taken this film very seriously and has made a beautiful product. While I was dubbing for the movie, I saw the rushes, those rushes also make you cry. I am proud to be a part of this movie.

What is the underlying message of the film?
That family comes first. It's very important to understand what your parents have done for you. As life goes on, we forget how important our parents are. The more successful you get the more you indulge into it and money, friends. But it's important to remember that it's your parents who have brought you up and how much ever you give them back, it's less. So keep giving.

Dhoom's success got you a quick entry in the 'A' list. Are you now shying away from action?
Action is my forte, I will go back to it in a big way and I want to do action that is cult, which is followed. If Dhoom kindled a craze for bikes then I want to do action also similarly, where a strong image is created. My audiences are my biggest inspiration and I want to give them back something as cult as the Dhoom role.

Any memorable incident you would like to share with us?
The film is very emotional short film and when you sit through the film you will realise it. While hearing the narration I remember that I was smiling and at the same time tears rolled down my eyes. So if that can happen to me during narration, I am sure that it will touch people's heart too.