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“Madhavan took me into the make-up van and locked me” - Samita Bangargi
By IndiaFM
Two films old and Samita Bangargi gets to play the solo female lead of a film quite early in her career. And she uses the opportunity to the fullest to prove her mettle. From mobile campaigns, music videos, movies to female lead, Samita talks it all in an exclusive tête-à-tête.

Did you ever decide to get into films?
To be frank, I had never thought of doing films before. It just happened to me. I've done a lot of modeling before. I've done the BPL Mots campaign. I was the ambassadress for BPL Mots and my hoardings were all over the place. I got a call from Harry Baweja saying that we've short listed your picture and we would like to meet you. I thought I'll just see what it's about and so I went. I met them and that very evening I got a call saying that I've been selected for the film. It sounded like a fun project and I wanted to see what it's all about. The film (Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai) was shot in Mauritius and was fun. Then I got Shaadi Ka Laddoo and Ramji Londonwale. It all just happened, I had never planned it.

Considering the fact that this is your first film as a solo actress, was it any different?
Absolutely! In 'Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai' there were six of us. In 'Shaadi Ka Laddoo' I had to share screen space with Mandira Bedi and Divya Dutta. After that, doing a solo lead is a big thing for me.

I am really looking forward to this film as I'm playing the solo lead. Therefore there is a lot more scope for me with this film. I've given my 100% to this film. Like I said I've done Shaadi ka Laddoo with Mandira Bedi before this. One night I was at her place for dinner. That's when Madhavan and his wife, Sarita spotted me. Later Mandira called me and said that Madhavan wanted to cast me in his film. So I went and met him and got the role. Later I found out that his wife had seen me in Shaadi Ka Ladoo and thought that I cry very well on screen.

Madhavan's wife had seen me in Shaadi Ka Ladoo and thought that I cry very well on screen.
You've also done remix videos such as Jadoo Teri Nazar. How was it like?
Jadoo Teri Nazar is one of my favorite songs and of course it's a Shah Rukh Khan song. The people who shot the video are very good friends of mine - Jayu and Cookie Golati. I had my previous video on Hema Sardesai's Sajna Sajna with them too. So when I got a call saying that Cookie Gulati will be directing the video I accepted it at once.

What is your character in Ramji Londonwaley like?
I play a girl called Samira. She's a very confident and independent girl who works with a travel agency. She stays with her grandmother in London. Samira is a girl who rides a BMW I C and has a lot of attitude. She also has a fiancé in the film played by Raj Zutshi. He's a lawyer who asks Samira to marry a cook from Bihar because he's got a plan that will help one of his clients if she marries the cook. Initially Samira freaks out but later agrees as she only has to pretend and it is a marriage of convenience. She goes ahead with the act for her fiancé's sake. This is actually quite hilarious because Samira is a confident and well-educated girl and over- night things take a turn. So this is where the film actually begins. Samira and the cook who is played by Madhavan have to actually live together because the immigration officers are keeping a close check on them to find out if they are indeed married or not.

Is Ramji Londonwaley a comedy film?
Yes, it has a lot of funny moments. And I think Madhavan has done a fabulous job. He's really hilarious. He kept me in splits throughout the movie and the director Sanjay Dayma is also very good at his job. Overall Ramji Londonwaley is a good entertainer.

How was your experience working with Madhavan?
To be frank, Madhavan looks like a sweet and innocent person but honestly, I was petrified of him. Though, he was there for me throughout the film and by my side for every single scene I shot. He was like a professor. Maddy would always sit back and watch me perform. On one occasion, I had a crying scene and Madhavean came up to me and said 'Samita, you're always in your own world, it doesn't work this way. Before a crying scene you need to connect with the character and the situation”. So he took me into the make-up van and locked me in for half an hour to get me into the crying mood.

You said earlier that your character rides a bike in the film. Did u actually learn how to ride for the film?
No, I was fond of riding bikes since my college days. I used to ride a Yamaha back then but gave it up after that. For the film however, I had to ride a BMW bike which was almost four times my weight, so I had to practice balancing for a day or two. There was also a scene in which I had to ride with Madhavan behind me so it was quite a task.

Block 2: I had to ride a BMW bike which was almost four times my weight.
Which part of the film was the most memorable for you?
The whole film was a memorable experience. Moreover, most of the cast and crew of the film were young people, so they were fun to hang out with. There was Arjun Basin who designed the clothes, and then there were the assistant directors. We all partied together and there were a lot of parties on the sets as well. My birthday is on the 31st of May and Maddy's is on the 1st of June, so they planned a surprise bash for us which was quite exciting. The entire team has given their best to this film so I really hope it does well.

All your movies so far have been romantic comedies. For example, Shaadi Ka Laddoo, Yeh Kya ho Raha Hai, and now Ramji Londonwaley which is a romantic family drama. Are you particularly interested in this genre of films?
They do interest me but I never did the same kind of films deliberately, they all came up on their own. You can say that they all just fell into my lap. For Shaadi ka Ladoo, Raj Kaushal - the director wanted to cast Aashish and me together because the film required couple chemistry. It wasn't that I planned to due a certain line of films; I'd love to do different roles as well.

Raj Kaushal wanted to cast Aashish Chaudhary and me together because the film required couple chemistry
Do you also have a comedy role in the film?
No, it's just Madhavan who has a comedy role to play. I have this clear cut role of being a confident, independent girl who turns irritable because she has to marry a Bihari cook, so you can imagine. I actually have a nice character graph in this film where I undergo a complete transformation and break down in the end because I find out something about my fiancée.

How much are you banking on this film to boost your career?
A lot actually! It's my first solo lead film and I've given it my best. I think the U.S.P of the film lies in the script itself. It's well written and I personally think that it doesn't have a single flaw. The script is really well defined, and it's a very clear, straight, loving movie. I'm very choosy about my movies and it's very essential that the script be a good one. I'd prefer doing one film in a year rather than do films that don't have a decent script or enough scope for me.

Even in Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai, there were so many characters but I had 4-5 scenes where I could actually perform. So I took it up. In Ramji Londonwaley I have the lead so I feel I have performed really well.

Are there any particular kind of films that you want to do?
No, I am open to different kinds of scripts as long as they satisfy my idea of performance. But I think I'll stay away from the sleaze films with the 20-30 smooch scenes.

Have you got any further offers?
Yes, I've got the offers but haven't signed any as yet. I want to wait till Ramji Londonwaley releases so that I'll be in a position to sign better films as compared to my previous ones.