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"Looking delicious! - Sushma Reddy"
By IndiaFM
Ever seen the 'perfect' smile? Nah, don't have to run for a Mona Lisa portrait, turn to Sushma Reddy. Meghna is the organic wonder, Sameera the sizzler but Sushma is the classy kitten among the three. Great body structure, frizzy hair and that smile, yeah we keep coming back to it. Now watch this model-cum-anchor turn on her charm faucet as the journo, Monsoon.

What is your character all about?
My name is Monsoon in the movie and she is charming down-on-her luck journalist. At the same time she is a strange type of girl- quite mad and happy go lucky but at the same time very good at heart.

A lot of qualities out there. Didn't you think the role could be difficult?
When director Vivek (Agnihotri) narrated the story to me he asked whether I could pull off this role and I hesitatingly said maybe. It was difficult to grasp the character and it did take me time.

There are a lot of youngsters in the film. How difficult do you think it was for them to fit into their roles?
We have all worked really hard for this film. In fact before leaving for London we rehearsed and practiced for a whole month. A lot of thought was given to the costumes and styling.

You are going to share screen with a number of A- list actors. What was your reaction when knowing so?
When I first came to know that Anil Kapoor and Irfan Khan are in the film, I said to myself that I'm going to be get screamed at. But they were really good and supportive. Anil was really helpful and gave me a lot of tips. I am a new-comer and all this was really valuable.

What do you have to say about their acting talents?
Anil and Irfan's acting styles are very different and when they come together their chemistry is mind-boggling.