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Kareena is very soft and subtle in Kyon Ki: Salman
By IndiaFM
Priyan pens great lines for his actors and you are his actor this time around. We are awaiting for some magic with Kyon Ki
I just hope I have done justice to those lines, nothing more.

Leak us something about your role?
I play a lovable, endearing character. He is a constant idiot in every situation and gets into trouble time and again for no reason of his. That's as much about the character that I can give away.

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Since your character in Kyon Ki… is not one of those 'seen-him-before' characters, was there any method to your acting?
What method? No method, I play it from my heart. If I can understand and relate to the character, then I take it on and that is how I play a character.

Let's get to the cast. Your pairing with Kareena is refreshing. Why didn't you guys team together before?
I was working with her sister, Karisma, until recent. So it feels awkward to romance her younger sister whom you have seen grow up in front of you. But now she is a grown-up lady and so…you see us together.

Do you agree with people who think Kareena hams big time?
(Laughs) Yes. But then again, it has to do with the roles that she did which required her to be noisy and garrulous. But check her out in Kyon Ki and you'll agree that she has done a fantastic job. She is very soft and subtle in this film.

The music of Kyon Ki will outdo the standards of Tere Naam.
She comes across as quite a mad girl, what was your off screen chemistry like?
She might be a 'mad-mad' girl but she behaved herself while shooting with me.

Tell us about Rimi…
Oh, she is an extremely sweet person. No hassles with her at all. I shot with her for 15 days and it was very pleasant.

Jackie and you team together for the third time?
That's right; I am extremely fond of Jackie. We gel very well. He is like my elder brother.