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"My character in Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd loves pink, so her name is Pinky"
From being a gold medallist in economics to being a Bollywood star she has done it all. Amisha Patel the sultry Bollywood beauty hit the limelight with her super hit film Kaho Na Pyar Hai with Hrithik Roshan, after which there was no stopping her. With hits like Gadar and Humraaz in her kitty, she will now be seen in a variety of roles in her upcoming films.

Currently she is all set to be seen in a bubbly and vivacious role in Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd. Here are the excerpts from the live chat where Amisha talks about her upcoming films, career and life

Tasnim: hi amisha!! How are you?
Amisha Patel: I am fine thank you. Working on my next release honeymoon travels

Jehanhanda: Tell us more about your future projects
Amisha Patel: Chandramukhi with Priyadarshan

Tasnim: Excited to see Honeymoon Travels. Whoís your favourite actor?
Amisha Patel: Aamir khan

Mike: Amisha, how long did you live in America? What did you like about it....what did you dislike about it?
Amisha Patel: Mike...I lived there for 3 and half yrs...International feels...love India...hard to be away from india

Humtum: we heard that you have kissed in honeymoon travels and also wearing a swimsuit
Amisha Patel: both are untrue...Hum Tum

Jehanhanda: Waise what made u enter films?
Jehanhanda: After having such an educational background
Amisha Patel: I guess destiny...Jehan

Sam: Do u have a website? How can we get in touch with you?
Amisha Patel: Sam... I am still planning my website...

vikram chatt : why had u coloured your hair blonde?
Amisha Patel: Vik...thats 3 yrs old...am back to natural colour....

sam : will you do a kissing scene if the script demands?
Amisha. i dont think I can answer that now till the script comes to me

ammu_vicky: hi Amisha, I am from all the way down under in Sydney...been a fan of yours since your debut. What was it like after your first movie and working with Hrithik? Will you work with him again?
Amisha Patel: ammu...I worked with him.. Aap mujhe Ache Lagne Lage..i wud luv to work with him again

Sam: r u aware of indiafm.com?
Amisha Patel: sam.,..yes...

RajKumar : I hear you're a voracious reader. Any good books lately?
Amisha Patel: Rajkumar...read...davinci code..and Memoirs of a Geisha

achu14all: can u tell a little a little bout your character in honeymoon..........
Amisha Patel: achu.Its a bubbly comic character ...very innocent ...she loves pink so her name is Pinky...

vikram chatt : which is your best performance till now?
Amisha Patel: vik...u should tell me...I learnt from each film

Aryan: What's your role inChandramukhi? Is it true that youíre doing a supporting role in the film? I've read that your doing Ujjal Chatterjee's Mausam, is it true? And what other movies are you doing?
Amisha Patel: Aryan...I am not doing any such things,

Ras Patel: What's your native land? I know it's somewhere in Gujarat but what particular village? Just curious :)
Amisha Patel: Ras...Sarsa village

RajKumar : Amisha, you have worked with Rahul Khanna, Akshay Khanna and their cousin Karan. The only one left is Vinod. Any plans to work with him?
Amisha Patel: I already have in the movie Kranti

Sam: what is your zodiac sign/
Amisha Patel: Gemini

Aryan: Can you talk about your role in Chandramukhi?
Amisha Patel: Aryan...itís too early. I canít say...itís a suspense film

Sengh: what was your reaction working with Aamir in Mangal Pandey?
Amisha Patel: sengh he is superb...one of the best actors in the industry

afghan_chick: Who is your favourite co-star?
Amisha Patel: Afghan... all have been gr8...canít select

Jehanhanda : Does critiscm affect you?
Amisha Patel: Jehan...no

Aryan: What films are you doing other than Chandramukhi?
Amisha Patel: I canít talk about those projects...

Preet: hey when is ur birthday
Amisha Patel: 9th june

Sengh: would u go for Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander or Dilwale
Amisha Patel: sengh Dilwale

Karan: What is your dream role which u wanna do
Amisha Patel: Karan... lots...

Hero: Amisha are u an Ajau Devgan fan????
Amisha Patel: yes.

Afridi: do u like playing cricket? If yes whoís your favourite player?
Amisha Patel: I am not a cricket fan

Karan: Do u believe in destiny?
Amisha Patel: Karan...completely

Fariya: how was it working with a debutant Reema Katgi and new bunch of co-stars?
Amisha Patel: Fariya...fabulous exp ...everybody was very good at their job...

Akki: Are you in Vikram Bhat's Speed?
Amisha Patel: no.

Akki: How was your experience working with Anil Sharma, in Gadar? When can we look forward to the duo, once again?
Amisha Patel: superb...
Amisha Patel: very good director

Mike: You've worked on location in countless countries abroad, which locale outside of India did you enjoy most?
Amisha Patel: mike...Australia...New Zealand. South Africa

Karan: Which film do u like most in Bollywwod and Hollywood?
Amisha Patel: Karan... I louv Gadar..Ankahee... Dilwale... and Gone with the wind

King: Are you in Anil Sharmaís Apne
Amisha Patel: no. I was offered the role but it was not big enough

Hanz: Whatís a better high, acting or performing on stage?
Amisha Patel: Both have a different charm.

Aryan: Is true that you're doing a special appearance in Sajid Khan's Hey Baby?
Amisha Patel: Aryan...yes...