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Shreya Saran: It was a pleasure working with Rajni
Shreya Saran, the South Indian actress who began her career with Telugu films slowly walked her way into the Hindi film industry. But after both her films Thoda Tum Badlo Thoda Hum and Shukriya were major flops, she made a U Turn to Tollywood. And now after completing a Tamil film Sivaji ĖThe Boss with South superstar Rajnikanth, she is back for another take in Hindi films with Awarapan. The actress speaks about her second innings in Bollywood.

Were you disappointed that your first few Hindi films didnít do well?
Yes I was disappointed but itís a part of life. Sometimes you give flop films. In South I gave hit films. I donít think you can blame someone if films donít work. There are so many people involved in one movie not just one person. I expect a lot from my movies. I expect them to do well.

What films are you doing down South?
I started my career with Telugu films and now I am doing Tamil films too. I am doing a Tamil film called Sivaji -The Boss. This film is about lot of social issues. This film was a wonderful experience. Shankar who has directed films like Nayak, Hindustani and Aparichit is the director of the movie. Rajnikanth is the biggest super star from South. It was a pleasure to work with him. Iíve learned a lot from him. AR Rahman has done its music. Itís the biggest budgeted film ever made in Indian cinema.

How different is it working in the Bollywood industry as compared to working in South?
Itís the same thing as you have the same camera, you get scripts before hand. I canít really compare because I havenít done too many Hindi films but I have done many South Indian movies. So it will be unfair to compare. Secondly I feel it's Indian cinema at the end of the day and we are contributing to the same. Technically South films are very strong and Hindi films are also evolving. Itís a blessing to be a part of Indian cinema.

How did you get a break with the Bhatt camp?
I think it's destiny as my manager just called and said Bhatts are in search of a new girl for Awarapan. I met them and I liked the subject. Things fell into place and I decided to work on this project.

How excited are you about your second innings in Bollywood with Awarapan?
Pretty excited! Awarapan is very close to my heart, itís a lovely story. I fell in love with the story when I first heard it. Itís something that we all can connect with and thatís what I like about this movie. I play a Muslim girl, very intriguing. My character has a nice graph to it.

How was it camping with the Bhatts?
They are wonderful to work with. I interacted more with Mukesh Bhatt. He is a very nice man. He understands a lot about production. He understands the taste of masses. I was treated like a little kid while shooting the film. All of them are very understanding. Everything was well arranged. My character is very well organised. Itís very hard to organise everything as a lot of planning is required. But these people are very professional. Itís like a family. I interacted with Mahesh Bhatt too.

Is Mohit Suri a taskmaster or easygoing?
Oh, Mohit gives you a lot of freedom, at the same time he knows what exactly he wants from an actor and the character. He knows the right balance, which is quite rare. I have worked with many directors and I could say that he is one of the best directors I have worked with. Mohit is so organised. He knows what his script demands, everything is sorted out and everything is worked on. Itís a very intense love story and Mohit has presented the scenes which are required.

Emraan has a serial-kisser image. Were you at the receiving end?
No, I am spared (laughs). In fact youíll come to know that I have been paired opposite Emraan only when you watch this film.

You are also doing Sangeet Sivanís ĎEk Ė The Power of Oneí with Nana Patekar and Bobby Deol.
Yes but I canít talk about the film much. All I can say is that I play a Punjabi girl in the film. Sangeetji is a very good director and full of life. He has a good sense of humour. He never loses his temper. He discusses the character. Itís an interesting film that I am working on. And I could connect to Bobby fabulously.