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Amjad Khan
By K Rajneesh

R D Burman’s scintillating background score creates a dreaded atmosphere, the screeching of shoes gives goose bumps, and the horrifying Gabbar Singh clad in green appears in his den moving with confidence unlimited! Gabbar Singh, the most fearful dacoit sponsored by Ramesh Sippy, rules over Ramgarh and he has the complete village under his decree. He is one horrifying image people would love to hate.

Having tried to rebel, Thakur Baldevsingh, a police officer, has already faced the consequences. Thakur loses his family except for his daughter in law and her kid. Gabbar, not happy with his revenge, also asks Thakur for his hands and chops them off, forcing Sanjeev Kumar to move around bundled in a shawl in rest of the movie.

Veeru (Dharam garam) and Jai (angry young/old man), two small-time thieves, are trained by Thakur to put an end to Gabbar’s atrocities. They succeed in capturing Gabbar but then Jai has to attain martyrdom in the operation.

The Sippy brothers’ masala-packed pulsating spark ‘Sholay’ raised debutant Amjad Khan to instant stardom, and the character made him immortal in Indian minds. It is 25 years now, and there is hardly any person who has not used Gabbar Singh’s dialogues at least once in his life.

Few famous dialogues

*'Pachas Pachas Kos Door Gaon Me Jab Koi Bachcha Rota Hai To Maa Kehati Hai, So Ja Bete; Varna Gabbar Aajayega'.
*Kitney aadmi the re?
*Bahut yaarana lagta hai.
*Jo dar gaya samjho mar gaya.
*Abe oh samba.
*Tera kya hoga kaaliya.
And who can forget that raucous laughter that filled the cinema halls with trepidation!


The role was in fact pencilled for Danny Denzogpa, but then he was too busy with other movies to commit on this.

Then it moved on to Sanjeev Kumar who refused to take it up, as it was too much of a compromise for him to be a villain when he was doing well as a hero.

And finally the movie was signed by the newcomer on September 20, 1973, which also happened to be the day when his wife delivered a baby boy.

Gabbar Singh still lingers in the minds of the movie watchers, and succeeds in igniting the same fright it did three decades back!

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