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D.Rajendra Babu
Ganesh, Ramya, Avinash, Rahul Roy, Mukesh Rishi, Vinayaprasad
Mano Murthy
Rockline Venkatesh
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Ganesh has fallen to the superstar syndrome by doing a run of the mill film Bombaat. Inspired from half a dozen Telugu and Tamil films story writer Janardhan Maharshi has taken producer Rockline Venkatesh and director D.Rajendra Babu for a ride. How has this subject enthused bigwigs for making this kind of mediocre film?

Ganesh, with series of well measured subjects applicable to his image has been doing well. Here his choice of script has let him down. The story itself is wafer thin. Just to protect the police commissionerís daughter, he takes courage in countering the three goons. Added to it is the mother sentiment plus Mano Murthyís rehashed tunes from his earlier films, makes it messy.

Son of a vicious rowdy Anand (Ganesh) has a mother secluded in a room for last 14 years. All that the mother wants is to see the son in police uniform. Anand a straightforward guy by nature is not able to keep quiet while goons rule the society. He is mistaken for a rowdy by Shalini (Ramya), daughter of the police commissioner.

Shalini wants to see Anand behind the bars. That is very short lived because she has a danger from the three musketeers Gajendra, Dasa and Adhi the dominant persons in the state. Adhi wants to marry Shalini and he dashes with his brothers to the house of police commissioner.

All hopes of law abiding police commissioner are shattered. With no way out police commissioner who knows Anand is a brilliant guy ask him to give refuge to Shalini for one month. Anand agrees to the call of police commissioner and takes on three hard villains on his side. How efficiently Anand safeguard the life of Shalini and see to it that uniform comes to him forms the rest of this predictable yarn

It is not a tailor made role for golden star Ganesh. No one expect him to participate in so much of thrilling action scenes. He is a lover boy and sacrificing hero on Kannada screen. His soft murmur, speed of dialogue and cozy looks are missing in this film. Ramya is just like a beautiful doll. Avinash, Rahul Roy, Mukeshi Rishi and Vinayaprasad have lent good support. Mano Murthy rehashes his earlier hits though two songs are hummable. Shekar Chandru has done a neat job with his camera.

Verdict- Rehash of Rehashes!


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