Bommana Brothers Chandana Sisters

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 19 April 2008

Movie Title

Bommana Brothers Chandana Sisters


Srinivasa Reddy

Star Cast

Allari Naresh, Krishna Bhagwan, Farzana, Ridhima, Jeeva

This is a mass entertainer without any boring elements. Srinivasa Reddy, who gave three hits in series ? Adirindayya Chandram, Tata Birla Madyalo Laila and Yamagola Malli Modalindhi ?, has missed the right flavour needed for a mass entertainment this time. Though he intended a hilarious comedy, the story and its treatment sound dramatic from the start to finish, thus preventing the audience from getting involved with the subject.

Bommana Brothers (Allari Naresh and Krishna Bhagwan) are thieves, jointly moving with their job. Their parents (Tannikella Bharani and Kovai Sarala) come under the same category. One day, the father happens to snatch a purse belonging to a rich man. He doesn't find any cash in the wallet, but the photo of two beautiful girls. On seeing the photo, the brothers are in rapture and instantly fall in love with them. Their parents plan the operation. Finding that one of the sisters (Farzana) is highly devotional, the younger brother (Naresh) takes on the avatar as a staunch devotee of Lord Rama. The elder brother (Krishna Bhagwan) gets into the role as a blind man to win the hand of another girl (Ridhima), who is full of love and mercy for have-nots and handicapped. What is the net result in this drama? Watch the drama for yourself.

Allari Naresh and Krishna Bhagwan are simply superb in their roles as naughty siblings. The comedy from their characterization is a major asset to the film. Farzana, for whom this is second film with Naresh, is glamorous and beautiful in dance sequences, while did the talkie part with ease, with a lot of development in her histrionics. Ridhima is just average in her performance, with no punch in her glamour. Ramya Sri is another female lead who has come out with ample expose in her characterization as a housemaid. Dharmavarapu appears as Ring Raja with hilarious appeal. The pair of Tannikella Bharani and Kovai Sarala as heroes' parents supports the comedy thread.

Story, screenplay and direction by hat trick director Srinivasa Reddy are impressive, but it gives a feel that the story is dragged too much. The same thing might prove as a minus point. Screenplay sometimes turned too theatrical, giving the audience some boring moments. Barring some lengthy scenes, the dialogues are okay. It might be embarrassing for the family audiences with some vulgar dialogues. Songs are good. Music by MM Srilekha is a major plus point. The audience will not feel any slackness in these two departments.

Comedy is the lifeline of the film and Srinivasa Reddy succeeded in giving a good treat. The narration is stretched beyond the audience patience both in the first and second half. The climax is expected and turns insipid.

Verdict:Average Stretched out screenplay and dramatic narration are minus points. It can pass off just as an average film.

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