Bengaluru Box office (January 28 to 30)

Monday, 31 January, 2011, 02:41

There is a gloom encircling the Kannada film industry. The weak openings for the two films released this week coupled with steep fall in collections for Boss in its second and third weeks and Kanteerava from the opening day onwards has caused lot of anxieties to the film lovers. The trade is already thinking of the bleak movie prospects in the forthcoming cricket season. Boss showed some good signals initially, but the reality is that it may be losing proposition. Same is the case of Kanteerava. Less said the better about the dealyed releases, Manasina Maathu and Ee Sanje. While Ee Sanje is a disaster, the producer may suffer some losses with Manasina Maathu which has been unsold in distribution circles.

Box-office top 5

1 Boss

Cast : Darshan, Navya Nair
Director : Raghu Raj
Trade Facts : Average

  Darshan's double damaka with fights and punch dialogues.
Dragging first half.
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2 Kanteerava

Cast : Vijay, Shubha Poonja
Director : Tushar Ranganath
Trade Facts : Average opening

  Action sequences
Dragging first half, weak music
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3 Manasina Maathu

Cast : Ajay, Aindrita
Director : Anantha Raju
Trade Facts : Poor opening.

  Pleasing songs, Aindrita's glamour, Ajay's acting.
Age old story
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4 Ee Sanje

Cast : Arya, Sanjjana
Director : Sree
Trade Facts : Disaster

  Two melodies
Weak direction, bad performances
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5 Adukalam

Cast : Dhanush, Tapsee
Director : Vetrimaran
Trade Facts : Improved collections

  Stong focus on Madurai, Dhanush
Nothing in particular.
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Courtesy : Movie Buzz