Bengaluru BO (Feb 11 to 13)

Monday, 14 February, 2011, 07:27

Four Kannada films which were made with medium and small budgets got released this week out of which only one, Kote directed by Sreenivasa Raju was able to hold some interest among the audience. All the three other films were total washouts. Suicide made by new comers has been receiving good critial appreciation though its collections have been dismal. Komal starrer Kal Manja which started well in its opening week has been getting steady collections even in its second week. Kal Manja and Kote have been made under a budget of around Rs. 1.50 crores and more than half of the investment was received by selling the satellite rights of the film, the chances of these two film's producers making reasonable profits appear to be brighter. Though Telugu film Gaganam and its Tamil version Payanam were released simultaneously in Bengaluru, it is the Telugu film which is attracting good crowds because of Nagarjuna's popularity among the Telugu film fans. The other Telugu film Vasthaadu Naa Raaja has not received a good response. The sole Hindi release Patiala House has opened to a very poor response despite the fact that the film's heroine Anushka Sharma belongs to the city.

Box-office top 5

1 Kal Manja

Cast : Komal, Udaya Thaara, Aishwarya Nag
Director : Prabhakaran
Trade Facts : Hit

  Title, entertaining second half.
Dragging in the first thirty minutes.
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2 Kote

Cast : Prajwal Devaraj, Dimple, Ravishankar.
Director : Sreenivasa Raju
Trade Facts : Decent opening

  Ravishankar's powerful performance, Prajwal's action sequences, Dimple's glamour
predictable sequences.
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3 Rangappa Hogbitnaa

Cast : Ramesh Arvind, Sanjjana
Director : Prasanna
Trade Facts : Poor opening.

  Slap stick comedy, Humourous dialogues.
Poor production values. Bad performances from young artists.
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4 Patiala House

Cast : Akshay Kumar, Anushka Sharma.
Director : Nikhil Advani
Trade Facts : Poor opening.

  Good performances and music.
Half baked screen play, ill conceived characterisaiton.
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5 Gaganam

Cast : Nagarjuna, Prakash Raj
Director : Radha Mohan
Trade Facts : Good opening

  Gripping narration, Nagarjuna's performance.
Weak dialogues
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Courtesy : Movie Buzz