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Bengaluru Box office (November 25 to 27)

By Sify.com  | Monday, 28 November , 2011, 16:42

Box office reports
Jarasandha directed by Shashank, starring Vijay has opened well around Karnataka.

Hindi film Desi Boyz received ordinary response, while Dhanush`s Mayakkam Enna is much appreciated by class audience. The Telugu release Solo had an ordinary opening.

Cast: Vijay, Praneetha.
Director: Shashank
  Songs, action, second half.
Week screenplay, boring first half.
Verdict : Good opening.
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Desi Boyz
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham.
Director: Rohit Dhawan
  First half, Akshay, John
Second half.
Verdict : Ordinary opening.
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Mayakkan Enna
Cast: Dhanush, Richa.
Director: Selvaraghavan
  Fresh concept, Dhanush.
Slow narration before climax
Verdict : Good in multiplexes.
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Cast: Nara Rohith, Nisha Agarwal
Director: Parashuram
  Screenplay, first half.
Bad performance, ordinary music
Verdict : Ordinary Opening.
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Cast: Sumanth, Vibha Natarajan
Director: Vijaya Kumar
Predictable narration, lengthy
Verdict : Ordinary opening

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