Bengaluru Box office (November 2 to 4)

Thursday, 8 November, 2012, 02:32

Historical magnum opus Kranti Veera Sangolli Raayanna starring Darshan and Jayaprada and directed by Naganna has broken all the existing Box Office records in its opening four days. The film is all set to rewrite Box office history. Another Kannada film Dakota Picture produced by Rockline Venkatesh which was released along with KVSR has however failed to get a opening mainly due to the excessive interest of fans for the historical film which is touted as the highest budgeted film in the Kannada film industry. With the Bond film Sky Fall not reaching up to the expectations of the audience, it was Kranti Veera Sangolli Raayanna all the way. Even the Hindi film 1920 Evil Returns offered a mute competition to the Kannada blockbuster.

Box-office top 5

1 Kranti Veera Sangolli Raayanna:

Cast : Darshan, Nikitha and Jayaprada.
Director : Naganna
Trade Facts : Block buster opening.

  Production values, Darshan, dialogues.
Music composition.
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2 Dakota Picture:

Cast : Rockline Venkatesh, Nikisha.
Director : Om Prakash Rao
Trade Facts : Poor Opening.

  Mukyamanthri Chandru, Doddanna.
Om Prakash Rao.
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3 1920 the Evil returns:

Cast : Aftab, Tia Bajpayee.
Director : Bhushan Patel
Trade Facts : Ordinary opening.

  Bajpai's performance, climax.
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4 Student of the Year:

Cast : Sidhdharth, Alia Bhat.
Director : Karan Johar.
Trade Facts : Good collections in multiplexes.

  Karan Johar's direction, Alia Bhat's screen presence.
Dragging first half.
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5 Denikaina Ready :

Cast : Vishnu, Manchu, Hansika
Director : Nageshwara Reddy
Trade Facts : Above average collections.

  Comedy, action sequences, Vishnu-Brahmanandam combo
Too long
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