Kerala Box-Office: April - Vishu /Easter

Monday, 5 May, 2014, 02:52

Dileep`s Ring Master as usual started with a mixed talk, but by the second week it picked up speed and became a family hit. On the other hand Prithviraj`s 7th Day, took a better opening in the first week but subsequently lost its momentum, as it could not attract the family audiences. The family and children are the key audiences for a summer mass film.Ring Master is the clear number one at the Kerala Box-Office. Take Ernakulam, Ring Master collected a net of Rs 21,57,000 in 21 days from Ernakulam Padma (seating capacity 606), while 7th Day collected a net of Rs 21,19,000 in 21 days from Ernakulam Sridhar and Padma- Screen 2 (combined seating capacity 702).At number two is 7th Day, which took a fantastic opening thanks to Prithviraj and his young audiences. However, the film dipped in second and third week due to lack of family audiences, which lapped up the Dileep comedy.In the third place is Kunchacko Boban`s Poly Technique an average film, which would have done better if it had a solo release. The film got sandwiched between Dileep and Prithviraj films.Mammootty`s Gangster which had all the hype collapsed after its first day due to very bad word of mouth. The film was torn to shreds by the critics and slammed in the social media and could not attract the youth or family audiences. The day one opening enabled it to be at number four.Mohanlal`s Drishyam is still running in key centres and is able to attract 60 to 70 % audiences on holidays and is in the fifth position. The film has been ruling Kerala box-office for the last four months.

Box-office top 5

1 Ring Master

Cast : Dileep, Honey Rose, Keerthi Suresh
Director : Raffi
Trade Facts : Silly jokes

  Dileep, No pretensions, aimed at children Silly jokes
  Dileep, No pretensions, aimed at children
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2 7th Day

Cast : Prithviraj, Janani Iyer
Director : Shyamdhar
Trade Facts : Editing, Slow

  Prithiviraj, Screenplay Editing, Slow
  Prithiviraj, Screenplay
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3 Poly Technique

Cast : Kunchacko Boban, Bhavana
Director : M Padmakumar
Trade Facts : Predictable, second half

  Light-hearted, First Half, Comedy Predictable, second half
  Light-hearted, First Half, Comedy
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4 Gangster

Cast : Mammootty, Nyla Usha
Director : Aashiq Abu
Trade Facts : Plenty

  Hype Plenty
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5 Drishyam

Cast : Mohanlal, Meena
Director : Jeethu Joseph
Trade Facts : Nothing

  Story, Screenplay, Mohanlal Nothing
  Story, Screenplay, Mohanlal
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