Breed, blood talk is aristocratic in nature: Nagababu

Last Updated: Tue, Jan 08, 2019 13:30 hrs

Nagababu's anti-Balakrishna comments are continuing. He has taken potshots at the TDP leader's "arrogant" comments in his latest video byte. Balayya once said that politics is not the cup of tea of every actor, pointing out the examples of Amitabh Bachchan and Chiranjeevi.

"But we (Nandamuris) are different. Our blood and breed are different," Balayya said.

"I felt very sad when he said 'Amitabh em peekadu'. Amitabh garu is as big as NTR garu, and MGR garu. He is of your father's age. We kept quiet but he (Balayya) targeted Chiranjeevi garu, too. What makes your blood different? Are you from another planet? Are you 'Surya vamsakulu'? Wouldn't we get angry when you say you are superior to us? Is it proper to say one's blood and breed make anybody superior? This is aristocratic thinking," Naga Babu slammed Balayya in his latest video byte.

"Chiranjeevi garu and Pawan Kalyan garu never go near controversies. Charan babu and my son too are like this. But referring to blood and breed is unacceptable. Anybody can be in politics in a democracy. We may have failed but it doesn't mean that we will keep failing forever. Your 'bava' backstabbed your father. Is it not wrong? What happened to your breed then?," Naga Babu went on.

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