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Friday 5 December 2008

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Suresh Gopi, Kalabhavan Mani, Pavithra

First things first. Director Nissar's Bullet is an amateurish crime thriller that has been handled without any conviction or passion and the result is that the viewers are taken for a ride in the process. It is easier to list the flaws of the film than to explore its merits.

The film begins with a flashback when music director duo Ganga Prasad (Rajan P Dev) and Yamuna Prasad (Devan) shoot their mentor Mahadevan Thampi (Babu Namboodiri). Years later, they are famous composers and the judges of a reality music show in which an aspiring singer Gayathri (Pavithra) is a participant. The duo, who had proudly announced that they are primarily criminals and then musicians, wants the participants to sleep with them for more marks!

Enter Parasurama 'Patteri' (Suresh Gopi), a bearded sanyasi who can flex muscles and take on the wrong doers with ease. Sometime later, Ganga Prasad has been killed and to enquire into this, tough cop Wahid Abdul Rahman Haji (Kalabhavan Mani) makes his entry. Patteri and Haji start investigating the case in their own ways and soon fiery dialogues, action and even an item song ensues. Not to forget, there is a sub plot involving a group of engineering students who are devout fans of Gayathri, in between.

Bullet is all about certain images - like for instance, a musical reality show, a sanyasi-like figure who can bash up the baddies and a highly religious but audacious cop. But the biggest failures about the film are the lack of a convincing storyline, a tight script and some poor performances by the supporting cast.

Well, expecting a film to look good without all these is asking for way too much. It is clearly aimed at the front benchers but except for some sharp-witted dialogues, it has barely anything else to appeal to its target audience as well. Even the visuals and the music fail to impress.

On the lead cast, their hefty pay packets could be the only possible reason that made actors like Suresh Gopi and Kalabhavan Mani to decide on accepting this offer. Suresh Gopi has nothing much to do in the film and Kalabhavan Mani's peculiar shaking of head in this film is plainly irritating after a while. Less said the better about the rest of the cast.

Bullet is a horrifying experience, for that matter, even worse than getting hit by a real bullet!

Verdict: Avoid

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