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Thursday 4 March 2004

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Star Cast

Rajesh, Nitesh, Divya, Sheetal

The film directed by Sharvi is a fluffy entertainer with routine song ?n? dance sequences with a wafer-thin plot that is predictable and targeted at the youth.

Like all movies in this genre the college campus is a place for more fun and less studies! All the characters like Satya (Raj), Rocky (Nitesh), a scantily clad Divya (Divya Trivedi) and Sheetal (Sheetal Shah) look like Mumbai models going through the routine college life full of ragging, fighting with hockey sticks and cricket bats and singing songs (in foreign locales).

But the college administrator R.K.Devaraj (Devan) and a corrupt minister Satya Seelan (Rajan.P.Dev) are planning to sell the college and the real estate to a private builder, which would be more profitable to them. How the students led by Satya, a college lecturer (Sukanya in her comeback role)and the Governor of the state (!!!) thwart the baddies forms the rest of the story.

Obviously director Sharvi has taken the incident that happened in Queen Mary College in Chennai when Tamilnadu government wanted to demolish and make the state secretariat, as the base of the story. They have puffed it up with song dance and glamour. The highlights in the film are two songs picturised in Seoul in South Korea. Otherwise the all-new star cast is not up to the mark. Their dialogue delivery and acting have to improve a lot. The music by Rajneesh is ok. On the whole Campus is time-pass.

Verdict: Time Pass

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