Can Teja triumph in Tamil?

Last Updated: Wed, Mar 24, 2004 11:18 hrs

Teja is undoubtedly Telugu cinema’s top director with a midas touch. Among distributors and exhibitors Teja is in the same league as Chiranjeevi. His films are mostly low budget violent love stories with newcomers with newness in presentation.

Even with newcomers Teja’s films take an excellent opening. Now his latest film Jai in Telugu and its dubbed version politely called a ‘bilingual’ Jai Ram in Tamil are releasing this week. In this film too, he has introduced 55 newcomers including technicians.

In Tamil, Teja is an unknown entity though he has his roots in Chennai. His claim to fame is that the remake of his blockbuster Jayam from Telugu is a big hit. So now Teja and his Tamil producers Raadan Media Works believe that Jai Ram will work wonders like the way Jayam did!

According to Teja: “There is a lot of similarity between Telugu and Tamil audience and what works in Andhra will definitely work here too provided the film has a good storyline and packaging”.

Raadan is giving aggressive publicity for Jai Ram though the trade is sceptical about films with newcomers as recently all of them have flopped including Bharathiraaja’s Kangalal Kaithu Sei and Campus.