Can the social media campaigns help Dileep?

Last Updated: Fri, Jul 14, 2017 16:54 hrs

First things first, Dileep’s police custody had been extended till tomorrow (Jul 15) evening. The bail application will also be considered tomorrow, as per reports.

As the TV channels and the websites compete in giving exclusive reports on the arrested actor, suddenly there seems to be a campaign orchestrated to support Dileep. A number of new groups, pages and websites initiated campaigns that are surprisingly sounding similar in the arguments.

All the campaigns begin with the note, “If Dileep is guilty he should be convicted. But until proven so, why this harassment?”

And then the targets are some TV news anchors and a few websites.

Now, there are rumours that the whole campaign has been designed by some PR companies. The posts are often provocative and those who have spoken against the hero, including industry insiders and legal experts, have been ferociously attacked.

If the crowds that gathered at the courts and at the various places where Dileep was taken as part of the investigations booed and shouted slogans against him during the initial days, now there are posters announcing support for the hero and warning the media that his comeback would be eventful. Clearly, the fans of the star are working overtime.

The investigating officers have not responded to the campaigns.

Will this propaganda help the actor in the days to come? Well, nothing is clear as of now and it’s all happening as if in some thriller on screen.

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