Celebrity bashing, is it fair?

Last Updated: Thu, Jun 23, 2005 09:03 hrs

Everything comes with a price, specially the pricey. The higher the celebrity status the steeper the price he/she has to pay.

And no one realizes this better right now than Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi who’s being hounded out for allegedly hunting a black buck.

One does not know how far the charge sticks and of course the law must take its course and all that. But hell! What are we talking about here?

There are so many larger issues involving much bigger and more critical crimes that we allow to go scot-free. At this given moment, there are scores and scores of legislators who have serious criminal charges against them.

Nawab Pataudi might have shot a black buck. But aren’t there the other kind of black bucks being stashed away in abundance by people who are supposed to lead us into the light?

The Nawab belongs to a different world of existence. Hunting, considered a crime today, was a way of life for the royalty at a time gone- by.

So his morality is a little rusty. So is Sonia Gandhi’s Hindi and L.K.Advani’s Hindutva.

At the most the Nawab is guilty of not staying politically correct with the times. Unfortunately celebrities are often made an example by moralists and other breast beaters of society. Some of us do not mind begging the President for clemency when a child rapist is sent to death row.

But to allow Pataudi to get away with hunting an animal? Nah! Bad example for society.

It’s funny, but our tolerance level vis-à-vis celebs seems to be getting truly low. The other day Amitabh Bachchan wanted to relocate a tree in his premises that was blocking his driveway.

The municipal corporation denied him the ‘privilege’. I suggest these custodians of ecology take a trip to the interiors of Bihar and UP where trees and those who cut them down professionally, are both chopped down by landlords and other extremists.

It’s easy for us to bay for a celeb’s blood. For one it gets us instantly noticed. Also we tend to react with moralistic arrogance when it comes to the movers and shakers of society. We recently had a section of the press accusing Aishwarya Rai of misbehaving in a Gurdwara in London thereby disrespecting the Sikh religion.

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