Chaitrada Chandrama

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Sunday 7 September 2008

Movie Title

Chaitrada Chandrama



Star Cast

Pankaaj, Amoolya, Shobaraj, Veena Sunder

Director of repute S.Narayan?s Chaitrada Chandrama falls flat as the story is outdated, the length is a big bore and maturity is lacking in key artistes. It is not the ripe time for Pankaaj to appear as an actor is evident from his handling the scenes. Three hours and 10 minutes with not even three lines subject is the major drawback of this film. S.Narayan with two decades of experience in the industry should have taken care to have a crisp and tidy film to launch his son.

So what is good about the film? It is the lavishness, songs and cinematography. Pankaj Kumar is an outstanding cricket player. No one can bowl him out. In all the 60 plus innings he played in county cricket he is effortless. He is a bright contender for national cricket team. In a road accident he meets Ammu and the quarrel he picks up with her leads to understanding her position in the house. Pankaj is liked by Ammu and after sometime Pankaj also starts loving Ammu.

In order to save Ammu from the danger in her own house he takes her to Kashmir to leave her to her father place. In this time Pankaj loses his status and he is not selected for the cricket team at the national level. Pankaj and Ammu caught in the streets by the police in Kashmir are sent back to Bangalore. Ammu's father a strict police officer in the house disagrees to this teenage love and throws a challenge to Pankaj to prove his status in the society. Pankaj takes up the challenge seriously and finally it is as expected on the silver screen.

Pankaj making debut should be groomed in the right way and the first consultation he should have is with a dentist. He has danced well and action is OK. Dialogue delivery is a major lapse. Amoolya the 'Cheluvina Chittara' heroine continues her same old style on screen because the director is also same in this film. Veena Sunder is best in crying scenes! <

S.Narayan handling the music department gives some lovely tunes. The graphics used for this film and editing technique is bit strain full to the eyes. Renukumar capturing of the Kashmir locales is a treat to watch.

Verdict ? Average

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