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Sai Krishna
Vijay Raghavendra, Aishwarya Nag
Sudesh Bhandary
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Challa Pilli in Kannada means disarray. Just like the title of the movie, the story is in complete disarray with hardly any scope for struggling actor Vijay Raghavendra to bounce back in Sandalwood. The recent victory of Vijay at the Big Boss reality show does not seem to have helped him in ensuring a grand opening for this movie.

The protagonist (Vijay) is an unemployed youth, who goes to any extent to help people in distress. His friends, who too are jobless, follow him everywhere. There is an underworld don, who vows to eliminate his rivals over dispute. There is a police officer, who goes to any extent for his permission, sometimes even behaving like mentally challenged. In this confusion, the protagonist finds love in the beauty of the locality. All these plots put together forms Challapilli!

Director Sai Krishna has lost complete grip over the movie and the story. He seems to be caught in a time warp. For, he glorifies unemployment whereas there is a dire need for human resources across all sectors in reality. Unfortunately, the system is blamed for creating millions of unemployed youths! Again this is contrary to what the private sector is contributing to employment creation in the country. Never mind these lapses, but the movie neither falls into comedy genre or with a serious tone.

Performance wise, there is nothing for the actors. Vijay, as usual, appears wooden-faced with lack of expression while Aishwarya Nag is portrayed as a doll. Poor editing is one of the biggest drawbacks of the movie while music is highly disappointing. All in all, Challapilli is one of the movies, which can be easily avoided.



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