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Sunday 25 September 2005

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Sarath Kumar, Namitha, Laya

Sarath Kumar is back in what he does best - an action hero in A.Venkatesh directed Chanakya. The film is ripped off from various earlier films in the same genre with a riveting climax, a straight lift from Hollywood film Phone Booth.

It is an escapist fare as the one-man demolition army of Sarath gets moving. Sarath plays Ganesh an auto driver with a heart of gold who loves to be in the limelight. In fact he is better known as ?Publicity Ganesh? among friends for the various gimmicks that he employs to get free publicity. His buxom girlfriend Deivanayaki (Namitha) runs a small hotel and is the owner of not only his auto but his heart!

Meanwhile, Anjali (Laya) pretending to be an ad film maker ropes in ?publicity Ganesh? to do ad films, but the truth is that she is a cop investigating his past. Ganesh does have a past and why he is doing all the cheap publicity gimmicks saying that he murdered a man is told in a flashback.

Gaesh?s father was an upright clerk in a coastal collectorate who found that the local assistant collector (Vincent), an MLA (VAC Haneefa) and local SP (Salim Ghouse)_ were hand-in-glove in manipulating funds meant for the fisher folks. But the clerk is framed up by the trio who urges the villagers to kill him and his family. Ganesan escapes and now wants to settle scores with them as he eliminates them one by one using tact.

Finally Ganesan corners the police commissioner in a phone booth with a rifle aimed at his head from an adjoining building! Obviously director A.Venkatesh has made the film for the B and C audience with all masala ingredients. Perhaps to compensate the lack of a coherent plot, he keeps jumping between action scenes, comedy of Vadivelu and oomph of Namitha. She oozes oomph in all songs and even comes in school uniform, gets drenched etc. There is enough masala for everyone.

Sarath is hundred percent convincing as the one-man-army with his immense screen presence. Srikanth Deva rehashes all olds tunes but has succeeded in churning out songs that suits the mood of the film. Cameraman Madhu Ambat?s camera is slick. For those seeking masala entertainment, Chanakya is worth the price of ticket money.

Verdict: Average

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