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Monday 19 November 2007

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Vijay, Shuba Punj, Jaadar,

Keeping aside the tussle between the director S.Narayan and actor Vijay on the dubbing issue, if you watch this film you will get a full length action film with the right dosage of mother sentiment and significance of love. Vijay's potential as an action hero is made use by the director. Vijay not dubbing for this film is not an issue at all and it is a treat for all his fans.

Kariya is the rugged youth. He is a fisherman. He eats, sleeps and does hard work in the poverty stricken family consisting of his mother. He is very fond of his mother and no one can dare to say anything about her. His immense affection to his mother is put to test by the 'Matka' king gang. Kariya's mother is gravely insulted in public. In frustration Kariya turns demon in anger. He hits so hard at his opponents that three brothers of Matka King are bed ridden for three years.

The daughter of this family Swapna (Shuba Punj) is furious about this and she decides to melt down the anger of Kariya. She falls in love with Kariya and the love between the two reaches marriage. Swapna takes revenge on Kariya by ditching him. Kariya comes out from Swapna's house in a fit of anger saying that he is not affected. But haunting memories disturbs him. Kariya lost in love, tries hard to marry Swapna. Swapna on the other hand admits to her father that she had done a mistake looking at the innocence of Kariya and wants to marry. The stage is different now. That is interesting climax portion.

Vijay is convincing and has emerged as the most promising action hero of Kannada cinema. He is mesmerizing in emotions too and this is the right film for his caliber. Shuba Punj is partially good. Shoba Raghavendra in the mother role is fine. Komal as the friend of Vijay in this film excel in a short role.

Director Narayan handling the music has tuned three lovely tunes. The song Hogu Manase is very melodious. Jagadish Wali has captured the stark realities very well in his camera.

This is a paisa vasool film!

Verdict ? Above average

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