'Chandni Chowk... is a children's film'

Last Updated: Wed, Aug 13, 2008 08:04 hrs

Here is shocker from Nikhil Advani–“Chandni Chowk to China is a children's film. I don't think kids will try to attempt to climb the nearest wall to fight after watching the film. But I think we'll have lots of kids joining karate classes."

Before making his mirthful martial-arts film, Nikhil sat down with his leading man Akshay Kumar and watched several karate flicks. "Before I started making this film my interest in the martial arts was restricted to Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Bruce Lee, and the Crouching Tigers of the world. But Akshay brought out the hidden dragon in me. He made me watch a lot of action scenes,” he said. “Before we left for China he'd make me sit down every morning and make me watch one Kung Fu film and explain the subtexts. By the time we left to shoot, I understood the martial arts much better."

"All the shooting is done," says a fatigued Nikhil. "Finally, we Indians have invaded China. We were gone for 95 days. We shot for 89 days in Shanghai and in the interiors of China and lots of action sequences on top of the Great Wall Of China."

Nikhil was being pushed into a Diwali release. "But the post-production is very complicated. The action sequences are like nothing we generally see. The story doesn't stop. The action builds the plot and characters. We've shot it exactly the way we want. I don't want to rush the release. Akshay's superstardom isn't going away anywhere."

The film has been inspired by Akshay’s real-life story. "The film's flavour comes from Akshay's real life. He's a boy from Chandni Chowk who went to Bangkok as a cook. My writer Sridhar Raghavan wrote the role with Akshay's real-life story in mind. The character's personality comes alive through Akshay. Thanks to him we finished ahead of schedule."

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