Chat Transcript of Jayam Ravi

Last Updated: Wed, Aug 02, 2006 13:31 hrs

kvk1982 asks hi
ravi says hi

kvk1982 asks How are you Ravi ? U are acting very very well...i am a big fan of u

ravi says Im fine.... thank u so much all the best

ashok2981 asks hi ravi how r u how s ur malai film trip ?
ravi says I am fine... had some trouble while shooting the rain sequence..but the trip was rocking

sathishraja_m asks Why you are always selecting the action roles continuously? Why don't you try other roles? Your acting is very good.
ravi says I have already tried it in Something something... thanks ..

jagan_avi asks Hi, ravi how r u
ravi says Hi i am are u ?

jagan_avi asks How is ur film Something Something Unakum Enakum trip
ravi says Extraordinary...have u seen the movie ?

s.dhana.s asks hi
ravi says Hi :)

s.dhana.s asks how doing which film?????????
ravi says It's called Deepavali...I am doing great

karasi_msc asks how are you?
ravi says I am are you ?

duskysun13 asks If you could act in a foreign movie, which one would you choose?
ravi says French

duskysun13 asks how old are u ?
ravi says 25

duskysun13 asks whats happening between soundarya rajinikant and u ? Something something ???

sasi14782 asks hi ravi, how r u? your flims are very good especially unakum ennakum well All the best for your bright future...
ravi says Thank you so much... wish u the same..Hav u seen the movie ?

sasi14782 asks What about your next flim....u and trisha pair is good...
ravi says Thanks.. it's called Deepavali

sasi14782 asks Advance Happy Friendship Day
ravi says Thnaks, wish u the same...

nirbaya asks Hi,this is Parvathy. Congrats on the film's success and Kudos on ur histrionic & dancing skills.I hav given my review(almost)on ur film's website guestbook.Tho' i wud like to indulge in some constructive critisicm also,im stopping myself frm doing it on t
ravi says Why are u stopping yourself ? Any criticism would help me improve ....

kumardindigul asks Hi Ravi, hope you are doing well. how you feel about your new movie something something..., It is something better than previous one. What about your future projects? I heard that you are learning photography also. is it? all the best.
ravi says Something is the far.Please watch it ..I am doing a film called Deepavali.At present i don't have any time for the best to u too.

duskysun13 asks wen will u go to bwood?
ravi says Thinking abt it

duskysun13 asks hi i love u
ravi says Love u too

duskysun13 asks u are very sexy :)
ravi says Ok thanks ( blushing)

duskysun13 asks do u like trisha ? is she nice to work with ?
ravi says Yes...she is a great co-star...and an excellent performer.

duskysun13 asks who is ur fave actor
ravi says Kamal Hassan

duskysun13 asks what do u hink of rajini's daughter
ravi says I don't know anything about her

duskysun13 asks hi
ravi says Hey....

dhayal_lover asks hai ravi when come ur next flim
ravi says In January ..

sujeesh_s asks You`re often referred to as the hottest star in films. WHy do you think you appeal so much to the audiences?
ravi says I think they identify with me...thanks for the compliment

citkarthi asks hi tell something about trisha
ravi says She is a friendly co-star..and a great performer.

janaonline asks Which performance of yours do you rate as your best ever?
ravi says M.Kumaran

kannadaedit asks Which tamil movie is your personal favourite?
ravi says Nayakan.

kvimalanand asks Who is your favourite co-star? Did you enjoy working with Trisha?
ravi says Shriya is my fave co-star.... Yes i enjoyed working with her.

crazyplanet asks Raja and you have done two films together. Why do you think you are his favourite?
ravi says Who said i am his favorite ? ....I fit the role, which is why he chose me..

freaking asks What are the factors that you generally consider before signing up for a movie?
ravi says Script.

jesrial asks What is the one quality about you that you would like to change ?
ravi says Losing my temper

vkarthik asks Who is your favorite actor and actress?
ravi says Kamal Hassan and .... the old Sridevi..

sujeesh_s asks Any regrets about your career so far?
ravi says No regrets..It's been a learning process till now.

kvimal asks What made you join the film industry? How did you get your first break?
ravi says It was just a family business for me....but i love cinema...

kpsreejmc asks hai your acting is so cute in something something very super.
ravi says Thank you so much..

wordwinus asks Who is your inspiration?
ravi says My dad

mvsm2005 asks If not acting, what would you have been doing?
ravi says I would ve been a sports person.

ashwathy asks hi ravi, i have seen ur films and consider u a great actor and dancer. are u considering venturing into other south indian languages?
ravi says Thank u so much for the compliment....Ya i am interested in doing other language films.

kvk1982 asks tel me your next films
ravi says Deepavali

kvk1982 asks ur brother take remake films only ?any reason ...
ravi says That u shud ask hiim

kvk1982 asks ur marriage with actress or....?
ravi says I will let u know

kvk1982 asks u BF in cini field
ravi says Everybody

mmurugan_2k asks hai mr.(jayam)ravi, i am (mayiladuthurai) m.murugan from chennai. If you are not in cinema, then what would be a your favourite career?.
ravi says Hi murugan....i would ve been a Sports person...

prakash_omkar asks Hi How are u
ravi says are u ?

sundar340 asks what is height?
ravi says 6 ft

r_abdulrahim asks hi ravi.. tel abt ur exp n something something film..wats ur +++
ravi says It was a great experience working in the movie....My dedication to cinema

dayanna asks HI how are u
ravi says I am are u ?

dayanna asks wat movies next ?
ravi says Deepavali

dayanna asks when will u get married
ravi says will let u know

dayanna asks how old are u ?
ravi says 25 years

dayanna asks how was it workin with trisha ?
ravi says great

dayanna asks Do you think you have a better chemistry with Asin or Trisha?
ravi says That u have to tell me

dayanna asks Which actor have you been influenced by?
ravi says Many people...

dayanna asks What is the secret of your success?
ravi says My dad and brother..

dayanna asks What is your dream role?
ravi says Playing gandhiji..

dayanna asks Would you play an anti-hero?
ravi says Coming next....

dayanna asks when did u decide to start acting ?
ravi says after my schooling.

dayanna asks wat is ur educational qualification?
ravi says Bsc.Visual Communication...

harinesh asks Hi Ravi?
ravi says Hi

vidhya_panchu asks What is your next film
ravi says Deepavali.

harinesh asks Hi Ravi?Have u ever fall in love?
ravi says Ya..i have..

lovu_18 asks Hi Ravi My name Is Tarun Isaw Utwo to three times in Break Point ....well u play good ... ... i am in sify only i too play sometimes well bye for now all the best for the future ...
ravi says Ok thanks man....Meet u at break point

arifahamed_86 asks Hi Ravi How are you. Something super
ravi says I am are u ? Thanks so much

arjunkrishna12 asks Hello Ravi,Your movie SSUE is fantastic.your acting is superb and your onscreen pair matching with trisha is excellent.congrats ...I am sure this movie will come within the first 3 places in the TOP 10 movie list of this year.
ravi says Thanks a lot for all the compliments...

prabha_world asks hai ravi how is ur hobbies?
ravi says Cricket...books and television..

rkannan_raj asks Hi Ravi, First of all congragulations for ur new movie something something... Thanks for remaking some good telugu films to tamil industry My question is 1. Whats ur career plan, going to concentrate on Comedy, Action or Romance type of movies tell me
ravi says Thank u so much...I wanna do all kinds of roles....

jayanti_muthu asks Common Ravi, you cant make your audience wait for you so much.. i hardly see any conversations happening other than people questioning you..u there?
ravi says Yes i am very much there...tell me wats up ?

krishna7891 asks What is ur next movie?
ravi says Deepavali

krishna7891 asks Jayam film is very nice!
ravi says Thank u so much...Watch m latest film.....

mmurugan_2k asks hi ravi, how is going ur cinema life?
ravi says It's going great....

serif asks hi ravi ,i saw u r movie something it nice and u r hairstyle look good
ravi says Thanks so much....

serif asks whats u r next project
ravi says Deepavali

tamilanniyan asks Hai Ravi!! You have acted as good.I wish that The Word one will be come in your life repeadely.the Word is jayam .
ravi says Thank u so much....

skprabha83 asks hello ravi
ravi says Hi how are u ?

veeratamil asks ravi ungal lover yaru?
ravi says Yarumae illai...

yuvaraj_bi asks hi ravi
ravi says are u ?

skprabha83 asks what is your favorite singer
ravi says S.P Balasubramaniam

mayuria asks RAVI WHAT UR real name?
ravi says M. Ravi

arjunkrishna12 asks You change yourself(bodylanguage,Physique etc) to fit your character. e.g Jayam -Innocent Guy M.Kumaran -Boxer SSUE - An NRI guy. Great.Keep up this.
ravi says Thank you...i sure will..

yuvaraj_bi asks hi ravi
ravi says are u ?

mayuria asks RAVI HOW MANY brothers and sisters have u got?
ravi says 1 brother and 1 sister

mayuria asks WHAT UR favorite actor?
ravi says Kamal Hassan

ravi says Old Sreedevi

shyamcs asks Hi Ravi, how are you? This is shyam from Africa. I dont miss any of your you have very big fans who never misses your films. Do well and all the best wishes to your new assignments?by the way, what are all your forthcomming movies?
ravi says Thak u so much shyam...My forthcoming movie is Deepavali

ravi says Black

nirbaya asks my sis poorani joins me in wishing u all d best...wish u nothing but d best..and continue rocking!
ravi says Thank u so much..give my regards to poorani...

mayuria asks WHEN U COME IN FRANCE ?
ravi says I will let u know

veeratamil asks ravi political ungalukku pudikuma?
ravi says As long as i am not involved...

usha_abi asks hi ravi, we are mercy,priya,celine and jeni.we are from trichy.when will u be as a super star
ravi says I will always be 'Jayam' Ravi

ravi says I am enjoying it...

mayuria asks RAVI YOU HAVE IN LOVE?
ravi says Yes

ravi says AMMA AND APPA

usha_abi asks what's your next film?
ravi says Deepavali

arjunkrishna12 asks To which movie of yours,you will rate as the best of yours?
ravi says M.Kumaran

ravi says All of them

childvetri asks u r so cute how u maintain ur body?
ravi says Thank u.... I exercise regularly

mmurugan_2k asks hi mr.ravi, how is enjoying ur life ya?
ravi says Hi...Ya sure

mayuria asks MY NAME IS MAYURIA , i am 19 years old, i am girl ,i live in france (paris) !
ravi says HI Mayuria..

usha_abi asks hi ravi, do u have girl friend
ravi says Not yet

mayuria asks i lie ur movie m. kumaran... it is very good movie , ur acting is very very very very good! ur best movie is m.kumaran FOR ME !
ravi says Thanks a lot.... Ya even i like that movie a lot

usha_abi asks what's ur qualification and all the best for ur bright many members in your family?
ravi says Bsc.Visual Communication...we are 5 in my family

srmsuresh asks hi ravi why r u selecting remake movies more?
ravi says Next film is a straiht film

karth_ms asks hai h ru
ravi says I am great how are u ?

asks Hello Ravi, I'm an ex- employee of Sify currently in US. I wish I was there at the Sify office to take a peek at your looks in person :-)) Good luck with all your future endeavours.
ravi says Thanks a lot man...Thanks for all ur wishes...

priya_vj asks when is ur bday? which is ur all time fav tamil movie?
ravi says September 10 th... Nayakan..

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