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Last Updated: Mon, Sep 20, 2004 03:47 hrs

Her voice made millions swoon over Hindi film heroines since the '40s. Decades later, the legend continues to be the numero uno in Hindi playback singing.

Here is the complete transcript of the chat held on Sept 19 @ 11.00 am

johnjob asks what is the secret in your voice
LataMangeshkar says nothing much.. i dont even do anything special to maintain it.

mandeep.bains asks Hello Lata ji. How do you feel as a responsible Indian singer?
LataMangeshkar says i feel proud.

aparna_407 asks Namaste Lata Ji,Altough I like all the songs sang by u, But i most like Chor De sari Dunia,Aji Ruth Kar Ab ,Aaye din Bahar Ke.
LataMangeshkar says thanks for the compliment.

de_jye asks namste lata didi i dont want to ask you anything ive red the book of you and i dont think so its complete info about you . just want to say if there is any re birth then i want to be u r student or your son thanking you anand god bless you didi
LataMangeshkar says thanks for your sentiment. god bless you too...

simplysimply asks heloo lata ji.. how are you... and what is trhe secret behind your voice??
LataMangeshkar says lot ofpeople ask me whether i do anything special for my voice.. on what i eat and be frank..i do not have any special recipes or even a discipline.. when it comes to eating....

ramakrishnavk asks namaste lataji what isopineion about new gen music
LataMangeshkar says there are some good musicians, and some are very good, and i am impressed with suniti chauhan and sreya ghosal..
e='Verdana, Arial, Helvetica' size='2' color='#00000'>HOW ARE YOU ! WHAT IS YOUR BEST SONG
LataMangeshkar says i remember aayega aane wala...and O sajana..

prasad1_j asks Respected Lata Didi First of all Charan Sparsh. You are my Daivat. Your song Hum Tere Pyar Main Sara Alam Kho Baithe is one of most favourites. Do you loke this song from Gil Ek MAndir. I am calling from Ho CHo Minh City ( SAigon ) Vietnam. What are yo
LataMangeshkar says thanks for chatting with me from vietnam.. thanks for your compliments.

mnandini asks Hello How do u feel singing again for the late Madan Mohan again ?? My Bday is also is the same day as your's!! Apko Salgirah Mubarak Ho..
LataMangeshkar says thanks.
etica' color=blue>sudhakar_1010 asks Lata, Ur Songs r melodious tell me what's Ur real aim in life apart from Singing
LataMangeshkar says i have many interests, lincluding cooking, photography and poetry....

pramodksinha asks Since childhood I have been your fan. Your songns give me solace and peace. How you feel when people like me come to you and express their sentiments?
LataMangeshkar says thanks for your compliments..

mass_ahamed asks who is your favourite singer?
LataMangeshkar says k l saigal and noor jehan were my favorites..

mass_ahamed asks who is your favourite singer?
LataMangeshkar says k l saigal and noor jehan were my favorites..

binjat asks Hello Mam, How do you feel after acheiving this level of success? Is it that you have something more to acheive ? Thanks Bindiya
LataMangeshkar says i feel happy.

latak5000 asks I love the number intezaar aur abhi aur abhi aur abhi, in fact all the songs you ahve sung for Anil Biswas are magnificent
LataMangeshkar says thanks for the compliment.

f267 asks My papa was at school, he heard your song first time:- saat bhai champa, jago re jago , it's a bengali song. When did you sing this song?
LataMangeshkar says it is a salil choudary song, and it is a childhood tale about two children and their step mother.. i love the song.
face='Verdana, Arial, Helvetica' color=blue>latak5000 asks can we havea nother shraddhanjali album from you-singing KL saigal favourites-We loved the earlier one. Soja rajkumari soja absolutely wonderful
LataMangeshkar says i have done another shraddanjali album, and where k l saigal songs are also there...

joy_99 asks What is your next plan towards Music ?
LataMangeshkar says iam singing a lot of bhajans...

ashokb71 asks Ashok here. How did you feel when working with Tamil music Composer Ilaiyaraaja? I found your songs were extremely versatile with his songs. WHat is your view?
LataMangeshkar says illayaraja is a fine music director... and i found him a great person to work with..

srinivas_hegde09 asks aged 70,my humble regards & respects to Dinnathji and Lataji. My main interest being classical and old film music Lataji is my dear sister whom i di and have to remember. Pray Lord family diety in Goa to grant you long life. Please remember this brother
LataMangeshkar says thanks for your compliments..

crazyplanet asks Are you training young vocalists?
LataMangeshkar says to be frank, iam still a student.. and iam too immersed in work to train or teach anyone...
ould prefer to do some service to humanity.. like the hospital that we built in memory of our father, where the poor are treated with respect and dignity.. i would prefer to do something like that..

adityagoel82 asks Which song do u believe is close to your heart?
LataMangeshkar says aayega aane wala.. and O saajan..

sureshvelapurkar asks which music director you like most to sing with
LataMangeshkar says i have worked with some of the best.. it is difficult to say ... and some have been very good.

arakesh08 asks why did u choose to sing
LataMangeshkar says i come from a family where singing is a passion.. my father was a great inspiration and started singing from the age of five..

ganesh.rao asks Lataji, Which song did you find the most difficult to sing?
LataMangeshkar says some music directors have some specifications that a song should be sung in a particular way.. only then it is difficult.. it was the case earlier.. not singing is very casual, perhaps too casual..

charuhas2004 asks namaskar lata didi! me charuhas , first of all congratulations for veer zaara. u r toooooo sweeeeeett in the album! may be i was the first one person in pune to buy the album @ 8 o'clock in the morning! aapke ashirwaad chahta hoon. advice me for a success
LataMangeshkar says thanks for your compliment.

f267 asks When did you sing the song saat bhai champa ?
LataMangeshkar says not sure of the dates, but it was salil choudary's music direction.. i remember the background well.. the story behind the song.

prasad1_j asks To day I am blessed with your words. I shall preserve them for ever.
LataMangeshkar says thanks.
ala and O saajan are among my favourites..

sureshvelapurkar asks Lataji rimix ke bare me aap ka kya vichar hai. kya yeh log purane gane ka maja bigad nahi rahe hai?
LataMangeshkar says remix is not a good trend.. but what to do??? it appears to be very popular.. we cant help it..

talksense asks Who is the music director from whom you learnt the most?
LataMangeshkar says i have worked with some of the best.. it is tough to say.

f267 asks who is your favourite co-singer?
LataMangeshkar says i have sung with all, kishore kumar, rafi, mukesh, and a host of others.. and each have their own style.. it all depends on the song..

mangirish100 asks congatulations to u from all the belgaum people for the long innings in the singing
LataMangeshkar says thanks..

drnagrath asks Lata Ji, You have sung in many Indian languages, but I would just like to know have you ever lent your voice to any punjabi song?
LataMangeshkar says i have sung many punjabi songs...

sandeep143cute asks hi mam how r u iam very happy today to chat with u since iam child hood iam fan of u and wat is urs favorite song ?
LataMangeshkar says aayega aane wala.. and o saajan..

latak5000 asks who was ur afvourite composer
LataMangeshkar says narendra sharma .. he was a poet and writer.. he was my inspiration..

heysarvesh asks Dear Sarawati Lata Devi - One more question, if you have to regret anything in life what would be that and if you have to choose the best moment of your life which one is that? Thanks! God bless you and you will be always in our pray. Thanks! Sarve
LataMangeshkar says learning music from my father..

thameembcom asks When did you feel really very happy? Which song make you happy very well? who is your favourite singer (male/female)? Who is your favourite music director ? what is your ambition?
LataMangeshkar says the song that come s to mind is Aayega Aane wala.. and O saajan...

sudhakar_1010 asks What was ur main ambition in life apart from singing
LataMangeshkar says i have some interests like poetry, photography and cooking..

satishmailbox asks lata ji is carnatic music is necessary to become or to compose nice music
LataMangeshkar says a familiarity with classical music is a must to be a good singer.. and moreover, one should be clear on the language..
Arial, Helvetica' size='2' color=#000000>bhajans are fine..but piracy is killing the industry.. and it is a sad state for the industry.. i love singing them..

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