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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Wednesday 4 December 2002

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Star Cast

Mohanlal, Nagma, Navya Nair, Sai Kumar

By Moviebuzz

The Mohanlal action story continues with Chathurangam which is entertaining up to interval, but later peters out to another tedious bore. The problem is that there are far too many murders and unmitigated violence towards the climax, which you`d have seen in a dozen Mohanlal actioners, Still it is endurable just for Mohanlal.

Attuprakkal Jimmy (Mohanlal) is a wrestler and do-gooder at the college level. Seeing his all round abilities and popularity, a minister Kora (Sai Kumar) who runs the KSB party, makes him the college chairman. And later he is made the Kottayam district secretary of his party.

Jimmy becomes the right hand man of Kora in his fight against minister Poulose (Vijaya Raghavan) but in the process creates new enemies like the IPS officer Nayana (Nagma). But soon Poulose and Kora bury their hatchet and join hands. This makes Jimmy unhappy and he is left out. Later Kora frames Jimmy in a murder case. How he fights back and gets rid of the corrupt politicians form the rest of this predicable potboiler.

Mohanlal is brilliant as Jimmy. The only USP of the film is his performance, otherwise the rest of the cast are just ok. Why should Nagma do such insignificant roles? Navya Nair is miscast as Mohanlal?s lover. M.G. Sreekumar?s music is just average. Babu Janadhanan?s story lacks punch and K. Madhu?s film making techniques are ancient. But the film is far better than the earlier spate of Mohanlal duds.

Verdict: Average