Cheating men spend more than double on mistresses than their wives on Valentine's Day

Last Updated: Wed, Feb 13, 2013 07:50 hrs

The long held stereotype that unfaithful men lavish romantic gifts upon their lovers while neglecting their spouse still holds true. A survey has revealed that cheating husbands spoil their mistresses but scrimp on their wives when buying Valentine's Day gifts, the Daily Mail reported.

The majority of men spend 50.00-100.00 pounds on a present for their wives for Valentine's Day, but 200.00-300.00 pounds, more than double, on their mistresses. The types of presents, also vary, with mistresses receiving more lavish and romantic gifts, while wives are more likely to receive practical items. A mistress is much more likely to receive sexy lingerie whilst a wife is more likely to be given technological items such as stereos or DVD players, which somewhat lacks romance. The survey of 3,256 cheating husbands from across the UK, was commissioned by dating site The research also laid bare the most popular gift items for wives and mistresses, with 25 per cent of men buying diamonds for their mistress (compared with 10 percent for their wife) and 20 percent splashing out on lingerie for an affair (compared to 8 percent for their wife). But romance isn't totally dead: perhaps due to the guilt of cheating, men are 12.5 per cent more likely to buy their wives chocolates or flowers. (ANI)

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