Friday 27 April 2007

Movie Title



Venkat Prabhu

Star Cast

Shiva, Jai, Aravind Akash, Nithin Sathya, Premji, Ajai Raj, Vijay, Prasanna, Ranjith, Arun, Karthik

Producer S.P.B Charan and his debutant director Venkat Prabhu have come out with Chennai-600028 a thoroughly enjoyable film. In a way it gives some contention that Tamil films are coming of age, and are targeting the urban youth audience.

So, what makes it tick? The screenplay is minty cool and our heroes are ordinary middle class guys, not the larger-than-life super-heroes you encounter in Tamil commercial cinema. The basic storyline is woven around galli cricket match and a tournament, along with an assorted group of guys who are buddy-buddy and have various growing-up problems.

There is a local flood lit cricket tournament in Chennai Mandaveli area, where the big clash is between R.A Puram Sharks and Royapuram Rockers, with latter winning the tournament four times in a row. The Sharks and the Rockers team members are always daggers drawn, and the film is how the former defeats their arch rivals in the cricket field.

The Sharks are the underdogs, and naturally the focus is on them and their members. Karthik (RJ Shiva, of Radio Mirchi fame) is the captain of Sharks a dreamy guy who is in love with his friend and fast bowler Palani's sister Selvi (Vijayalakshmi, daughter of director Agathiyan), and his brother the local don funds the team.

Their main batsman Aravind (Aravind Akash) is a playful lamb working as a bearer in a Coffee shop who is after a rich and sexy chic (Christine Zedak).Then there is Reghu (Jai, another look alike of Vijay and youngest son of Deva) who was the star bowler of the Rockers but ends up with the Sharks. Finally the director has introduced his younger brother Premji in a comedy role as a fat guy who is a sloppy fielder!

All these guys along with a host of newcomers and a funny barber turned coach (Ilavarasan) makes this bratpack movie as interesting as a cliff hanger of a one-day match. It is good fun watching these likeable and recognizable bunches of guys in their quest for romance as they try to get the 'Mirchi' cup.

Yuvan Shankar Raja has dished out eight fast youthful numbers with Yaro?. being the pick of the lot. The sensuous Ennamo? sung in a husky and sexy voice by Anushaka against a guitar and flute background has been picturised in a teasing way with some great skin show by this new chic Christina. Sathi Saravanan's camera work has added to the mood and feel of the film.

On the downside the plot is too precarious a peg for a 16 reel film and should have been trimmed to make it a bit racier. In a way the songs come one after the other at regular intervals slowing down the tempo. The film will be enjoyed only by the city audience, and has large dosages of Chennai lingo.

All the guys who acted in the film are candid and have let their hair down. RJ Shiva is the surprise packet in the film. Venkat Prabhu deserves a pat on his back for making a breezy fun movie which highlights the fact that cricket in India which is a religion for many is also won through team spirit and sacrifice.

So go ahead, make your matinee and enjoy the match.

Verdict- Sixer!