Chennai Kadhal

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 9 December 2006

Movie Title

Chennai Kadhal



Star Cast

Bharath, Genelia, Radha Ravi, Sumitra

Despite the integrity of purpose and goodwill from his admirers, Vikraman?s decision to change tracks has backfired with Chennai Kadhal.

Director Vikraman has made a deliberate attempt to deviate from his usual formula and it has succeeded to a certain extend though the story, presentation and even dialogues are so predictable. The main problem lies with its script which has nothing new to offer and the love between the lead pair is so artificial has no life in it.

The story is wafer-thin. Gautham (Bharath) a college drop-out and a good-for-nothing guy (like his father always says) falls in love with Narmada (Genelia) daughter of a local don Sakthivel (Radha Ravi). She lives in a hostel after learning that her dad is a criminal who now wants her to marry his partner Sardar?s (Barhmaji) brother. So the lovers elope to Mumbai and soon they are tracked and separated! The rest of the film is how Gautham along with his friends fight against all odds to win back his girl.

The plus points of the film are the young vibrant lead pair Bharath and Genelia who puts life and soul into it. Antony editing is top-class as the film moves at rapid speed. Joshua Sridhar?s songs are hummable especially the Silusilukkum Silmishi? number. Camerawork of Muthu Ganesh is also commendable.

Verdict: Average

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