Chinna Chinna Kannile

Source: Sify

Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 10 August 2001

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Chinna Chinna Kannile



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By Saraswathy Srinivas

When one has had a surfeit of mediocre films of the beaten track anything different that comes along is a welcome change. The story writer cum director Amirjan`s Chinna Chinna Kannile is a crime thriller in the Hitchcockian style. The identity of the criminals is not a secret from the beginning itself and there is no willing suspension of disbelief too.

Ravi (Nasser) and Sabesh (Prakashraj) are partners in crime and indulges in big time robbery for a living. Rathi (Khushboo), Ravi`s wife, has a nagging worry at the back of her mind about the real nature of her husband`s occupation. But Ravi manages to convince her about his sharemarket and real estate deals and direct the needle of suspicion away from him. The murder of a cable TV operator again rouses her suspicions about her husband but once again Ravi cleverly manages to scotch them. Then comes the great diamond robbery and the police officer(Thalaivasal Vijay) almost catches Ravi red-handed. Ravi is brought to the lock-up and is subjected to third degree. But he does not crack and refuses to squeal even when Sabesh tries to coerce him into revealing the hideout. An irate Sabesh seals his lips for ever.

The diamond-hunt begins, a cat and mouse game between Sabesh and the wily and corrupt cop both believing the gems are in the custody of Rathi. Rathi`s son who had been a witness to his father hiding the gems is also made a pawn which leads to the final denouement near the waterfall.

A little more slick editing and care for character delineation would have made Chinna Chinna Kannile a good film. There are straight cuts as in the opening scenes which are jarring. Rathi is educated and as a video flm maker should be having some clout, so why didn`t she get the help of an advocate before the cop went for a Dussasana act with her? A cornered Ravi denies to the cop he has stolen the stones , but his expression and mannerisms give him away. Vadivelu-Charlie combine`s comedy track only helps to arrest the tempo of the film.

Prakashraj with his impressive baritone voice and body language has done a good job as Sabesh. Khushboo as Rathi has given a convincing portrayal. If Nasser fails to impress the fault lies with the director. Of the three songs only the title song `Chinna Chinna Kannile...` is worth mentioning. The film has beautiful visuals, especially in the climax scene.

Crime doesn`t pay. Chinna Chinna Kannile proves it and if you are superstitious it also will convince you that diamonds bring bad luck!