Clash of the Titans! 'Petta' vs 'Viswasam' at TN box-Office

Last Updated: Tue, Jan 08, 2019 10:43 hrs

The biggest box office battle is all set on January 10, 2019 in Tamil cinema. 

The numero uno veteran Superstar Rajinikanth will be clashing against Thala Ajith who is known for his phenomenal opening-day craze. Ramasamy Raja ARK of Ram Muthuram Cinemas “From the theater owners point of view, two films releasing on the same day, especially for the Pongal weekend is actually a healthy trend. In Tirunelveli, multiple theaters are screening these two films. Only such films starring big heroes will attract audiences to theaters for Pongal weekend so we are actually happy. But I feel that two biggies clashing on the same day will affect the producers and stars as they wouldn’t be getting any record opening and if the budget is high, getting back the investment will also be difficult”.

All over Tamil Nadu, the trend remains the same. Theater owners are actually happy with the multiple releases. “Everyone opposed the crowded Christmas release weekend but the occupancy level and the overall revenue generation is quite good for theater owners. As  said earlier, the crowded release will only affect producers”, added Ramasamy Raja.

Tiruppur Subramaniam, the veteran distributor also welcomes the idea of two biggies releasing for Pongal because more audiences will be coming to the theaters. “If both the films are good, audiences will not mind watching it in the long weekend. But if the content is not satisfactory, the end result will not be fruitful to the producers”, said Subramaniam.

Insiders say that the Chennai city theaters have decided to not allocate early morning shows on January 10. We hear that the Tamil Nadu Government doesn’t want to help Sun Pictures, producers of Petta by granting permission for early morning shows. Sun Pictures’ previous film Sarkar harshly criticized the freebie schemes and internal politics of ADMK party.

“Had Viswasam released alone for Pongal, it would have got early morning shows as ADMK and Ajith share a good rapport. Sathya Jyothi Films, producers of Viswasam also has a good relationship with the ruling government. But the presence of Petta actually puts the extra pressure on the Thala Ajith starrer”, said a source in the trade.

But both Viswasam and Petta team are trying their best to get 1 AM and 4 AM shows in Chennai city. There might be a sudden development, or illegal shows on 10th morning, but no one is clear!

Rakesh of Vettri Theaters confirmed on Twitter that there will not be 1 AM and 4 AM shows for both Petta and Viswasam. The same show timing will be followed by most of the theaters in Chennai. But outside Chennai, many theaters have scheduled 4 AM shows for these two films.

As both Viswasam and Petta have equal potential, theater owners have given equal number of shows on their premises. In the core ‘B’ and ‘C’ centers, Viswasam has got more screens due to the strong fan base and youth crowd for Ajith and also because the film is set against the rural backdrop.

Early prediction says that in Tamil Nadu, the revenue share of Petta and Viswasam on the opening weekend will be almost the same or the difference would be very nominal. But the long run purely depends on the content of these films and how audiences embrace it.

Outside Tamil Nadu, Petta will have an upper hand as Superstar Rajinikanth’s market is way higher than Ajith in Karnataka, Kerala and overseas. An insider in the trade says that both Petta and Viswasam should attract audiences for minimum fifteen days to enter into profit zone so more than Superstar Rajinikanth and Thala Ajith, the content will be the real king of this Pongal box office.

- Rajasekar S

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