`Classmates` break `Rajamanickam` record!

Last Updated: Wed, Oct 11, 2006 11:24 hrs

Lal Jose’s Classmatesis all set to be the highest grosser in Malayalam film history.

On Monday October 9, Classmates became the highest collecting film in Kottayam. At Abhilash complex, the film collected a distributors share of Rs 14.26 Lakhs in 40 days beating the record created by Mammootty’s Rajamanickam Rs 13.92 Lakhs in 101 days.

Remember that Rajamanickam had earlier broken the five-year-old record created by Mohanlal’s Narasimham, Rs 12.67 Lakhs in 115 days set in 2000 at the same complex. Now Classmates is expected to take a share of Rs 20 Lakhs from Kottayam.

Classmates is running houseful on weekends and 70 to 75 percent on weekdays. Now all eyes are on Ernakulam Kavitha where it has taken a record share of Rs 26.25 Lakhs in 40 days. It looks like it will break the Rajamanickam record of Rs 42 Lakhs share in 140 days at Kavitha.

Kavitha records

2000- Narasimham- 134 days Rs 39 Lakhs

2005-Rajamanickam- 140 days Rs 42 Lakhs

2006 Classmates- ?

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