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Sana Khan, Suresh Krishna
Sajeth Menon
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The legend of yesteryear seductress Silk Smitha refuses to go away, almost 17 years since her tragic death. As per history, she was terribly exploited by many during her lifetime and director Anil's Climax claims to be “an authentic version” of her life.

But all this amateurish and poorly made film succeeds to, is in leaving you angry, more than anything less.

Poomkody (Sana Khan) works as a maid in the house of a heroine and dreams of becoming an actor someday. A junior artiste supplier introduces her to a noted director, who casts her as the heroine in his next film. She tastes success pretty easily and becomes a screen siren, rechristening herself as Supriya.

But on the personal front, she is taken for a ride, at first by a highflying businessman named Ram Kumar (Suresh Krishna) and then by his young son named Rahul (debutant Subin Sunny).

If you are not convinced that Supriya is not Silk Smitha, the makers remind you with a shot of the actor and Mohanlal in an intimate scene from the yesteryear hit Sphadikam.

In fact, this film has a basic structure evidently inspired from the highly overrated Bollywood blockbuster The Dirty Picture. But when the Hindi version had a terrific performance from Vidya Balan, her Malayali counterpart Sana Khan come up with a pathetic show. She is fine while doing some of the glamorous scenes but when she has to act, the actor reveals her lack of talent.

But then there is no point in blaming her, as this one is a badly scripted film that lacks any real merits. The director seems to have been in a hurry to make it all into a lazy film, which is boring to the core. What else can we say about a film that is so cold, even during those titillating scenes?

The film ends up as a bad version of some of those eminently forgettable adult rated flicks. The visuals are pretty ordinary, the lyrics are irritating and the background score sounds surprisingly naïve.

Now, there is a real competition going on here to get the trophy for the worst actor. Though many others like Suresh Krishna and Sana Khan give a tough competition, Subin Sunny wins it hands down with an absolutely deplorable show, with no emotions, skill or smartness.

But then, Climax is not meant to be taken too seriously. But should this irresponsible bunch of tricksters be allowed to get away after using the name of a woman, who lived a tragic life? The easiest option could be to throw this film into some dustbin.

Verdict: Damp Squib


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